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Behind Thele Veil - Episode 1

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    Episode 1
    So I never believed in magic, ghost or anything supernatural. I use to live a perfectly normal life, I didn’t think it was possible for anything else to exist until the day that I met her; the non- human! But before I say anything about her let me go back to the very beginning where it all started from.

    “Sadiq, marmee is calling you” Asma’u his little sister who was barely nine years old called.

    She is his only sister, his only sibling. She was actually adopted eight years ago when Sadiq’s mother; Mrs. Animashaun paid a visit to their hometown. It was not mysterious or strange anymore to find a basket of baby in front of your doorstep; moreover it was better than those who dumped their baby in a refuge dump or even worse. At first sight Mrs. Animashaun fell in love with her, one couldn’t blame her because she had no girl of her own.

    “Here I am mom” Sadiq announced, slumping on a chair beside her.

    She dropped the Vanguard newspaper and took off her spectacle.

    Just then Asma’u ran in and jumped on a chair, mindless of them while paying attention to the television.

    “Baby I want to talk to your brother alone, could you give us some minutes please” their mom asked but quite sure that Asma’u was going to protest.

    Which she did.

    “But marmee its 3 o’clock” Asma’u announced.

    “And what happens by 3?” their mom asked curiously.

    “Sponge bob square pant” Sadiq and Asma’u chorused.

    On more than one occasion, Sadiq have been forced to sit and watch the television with Asmau because she feared watching cartoon alone. She would rather not watch it at all than watch it alone. To her, the
    characters in the television might come out and drag her into the television! Once, Sadiq tried to convince her that it was impossible for the characters in the television to come out and she asked;

    “Haven’t you watched the movie “fat Albert”?”

    “Okay you can sit and watch but don’t eavesdrop okay?” their mom said while Asma’u nodded.

    “Sadiq, I have a good news for you” Mrs. Animashaun smiled.

    “What’s the good news mom?” he asked while tapping his phone.

    “Well”, she said, "I just received your jamb result now and it was brilliant!" displaying it to him.

    He had done justice to the exam. Although he didn't understand why one had to scale through
    about three exams just to gain admission into a university, as if just one wasn't enough! The smile on his face was soon to disappear.

    "But mom I didn't choose Bayero University as my first choice, it was University of Lagos I chose."

    "I know but your dad and I thought you deserve a change of environment. More over you didn't
    make University of Lagos’s cut off mark, so you should be glad we improvised early."

    "But i am not comfortable with the whole North thing" Sadiq feeling betrayed.

    “If you are bothered about the culture then don’t be because we have some family friends there. They will make you feel at home.”

    “I guess I have no say in the matter?” Sadiq asked with a tone of defeat. His destiny has been decided, he thought.

    ”But you do dear, that’s why I am informing you now.” she assured him, trying to calm him down. But he didn’t really have any say in the matter anymore. It was a done and sealed deal.

    Feeling disappointed he stood up from where he had been sitting and disappeared into his room.

    “Why doesn’t he want to go to Kano?” Asma’u asked her mother some minutes later.

    “I thought I told you not to eaves drop baby” her mom said.

    “Oh mom! I couldn’t help it. You were whispering so low which meant you were saying something very important and his voice was rather too high so I couldn’t help but listen unintentionally. Please forgive me mom” she blurted out so fast and pleaded with her two large eyes conquering her mother.

    “Scoot over here baby” Mrs. Animashaun drew her closer and wrapped her arm around her.

    Later that day Mr. Animashaun came back from work and gave Sadiq some words of encouragement.

    “It’s just two weeks Sadiq. After writing the exam you can come back immediately. But make sure you do justice to the exam” his father; Mr. Animashaun advised.

    An unusual smile hung on Sadiq’s face, he was either planning a mischief or planning something
    that would set him free. Either way that smile wasn't good!

    “Hope you will come before the festive day? The festive period would be boring without you, and i can’t stand spending it alone with dad and mom” Asma’u asked Sadiq while they all laughed at her.

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