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Must Read: Adventures Of A Sex Addict (21+) Episode 18

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    She continued.
    “You see, when the video incidence happened newly, emon hated me and was angry at me. I was ok with that. Hatred is a form of love, hatred is not the opposite of love. Its just love that has been corrupted, just like a computer program that was corrupted by a virus. What you need is just an antivirus and everything as back to normal. But I started getting bordered when that hatred turned to indifference, now that’s the opposite of love”.

    -you really are intelligent- I thought to myself.

    “Have you heard of the basic law of thermodynamics?” She asked, she didn’t wait for my response and continued.

    “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another”.

    -energy is created and lost in nuclear reactors- I said to myself, but I didn’t want to burst her bubbles.

    “So, the energy -love- she had was corrupted, and turned to hate, another form of energy. I just needed to find some way to fix it, and convert it back to its original form, but I couldn’t”

    -its all about you, isn’t it? You had to make it happen, you had to spoil it, now you have to fix it; control freak!-

    “I couldn’t find an antivirus for emon”, she said looking at me with a look of regret.
    “But when I saw you with her, I felt you could be my antivirus”.

    -yea, right!-

    “She came over to our spot at the stadium and didn’t even notice me, she just told you it was time to go and walked out”.

    “I was devastated. But I didn’t give up. I was waiting beside her brothers car at the parking lot yesterday night. I wanted to talk to her after the show. Then I saw you open that car, took some things, closed it and sat beside it”.

    “I watched from afar when she came and you guys started talking. I wanted to use the opportunity to make an appearance, but then you guys went inside the car and started making out. I couldn’t stand it, I had to call ibieme anonymously”.

    “She left before ibi could arrive, but I saw when ibi confronted you, and you walked down the road. I thought you were going back to your hotel room where you were lodged, so I followed you to this place”.


    “I came with the hope that emon will join you later, so I waited. When she didn’t show up, I payed for this room. I was lucky, the receptionist said it was the only room left”.

    -i’d be damned!-

    She finished her story and I sat motionless.
    It touched my heart and I felt for her. I felt she truly loved and cared for emon, she was ready to atone for her mistakes. She just needed an opportunity to make things right. I know how love pushes people to do extreme things, just to protect their relationship.
    I just wished there was something I could do to remedy the situation. At least, I can put a smile on someone’s face rather than the pains I’ve been sharing around town lately.

    She smiled a little and said to me,
    “you were lucky you didn’t go back to their house last night. Do you know her dad is a retired police officer?”
    “Really?”, I asked.
    “Yea, a DSP. Just a call and you would have been dead meat. You made the right choice leaving behind your bag”.

    My bag!

    I could get my bag back! Why not? I can call emon to get it for me.
    I remembered Margaret’s words:

    “Emon has a good heart, and can go extra mile to please someone”.

    I can call her to get my bag, and maybe, try to fix things between this two. Who knows, emon may still want things back the way they were. I could try and unite them. A friend I met at an online forum once made a funny comment;

    That sin has been uniting Nigeria sins 1914.

    I could unite these two in sin.

    I could be their antivirus. . .

    To Be Continued…

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