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Must Read: My Wedding Night Last Episode

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    “she’s not going anywhere with you. Moreover how the hell did she get out from your custody in the first place?. I don’t care how you do the paperwork. She’s not stepping her foot in any police premises again” my mother in law protested while the detective laughed and winked at me.

    “please you have to report to my office very early tomorrow. Hope you understand” he said to me, bowed to the old lady and headed out of the room.
    My brother however left with him while i spent the night with Damian’s mother and we really spent the whole night discussing and consoling each other like two old sisters….

    I returned to my brother’s house by 7am the next day, Spent some happy moments with my sick mother before freshening up for the busy day ahead. I equally called my old father on phone and broke the good news to him.

    Finally four days later, i travelled to the village with my mother and devoted three weeks of my time caring for her. I equally used the opportunity to make peace with God and seek his forgiveness.

    Slowly the fourth week approached, bringing more bright moments into my life. I was now a changed person. A strong Christian and a cheerful giver.
    But the most surprising moment of it all was when Damian’s mother surprised me with a visit early Tuesday morning of the fourth week. I never knew she was in Nigeria nor had any idea she was coming to my village.
    She came with my brother who smiled as he noticed the surprised look on my face.

    “we came to get you young lady” the old woman said as she hugged me.

    Three days later i found myself in America. Hmmm the reception they all gave me over there was quite stunning and three days after, more good news graced me. I did a pregnancy test which confirmed i was pregnant.

    But it never really was all fun to me over there because I had to perform the last burial rites for my husband and equally testify on Esther’s trial, something i sincerly wanted to avoid but had to do in the end.
    Esther got twenty five years sentence with her accomplice at the end of the day.

    As at the time of writing this story, I’m still in the states with Damian’s mother. Yea i’m happy but not entirely happy because no matter what, I’m still a widow.
    As for detective Jeremiah, I promised to handle the education of his first child, equally promising to take the boy along to the states the next time i travel home.
    The detective was like an angel to me and without him, I won’t be writing this story.
    >>Story From =>

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  • Sorry
    Make sure you take care of the son as you said

    - Kvng pablo: July 16, 2017 at 8:58 AM
  • Wow..finally we have arrived.
    I thank God for her o.
    I pitied the poor girl from the very beginning.
    Just imagine the pain..on your wedding night..the first night you slept with your wedded partner after waiting for a long time,and that was the last time you will see him or her again.Haba e nor good na.

    You will become a widow or widower just like that.

    First of all,i must hail the brain behind this thriller.I was deeply touched.

    Guys be careful.Stop using and dumping girls anyhow.They are not trash that you dump in the dustbin.

    Its not every Nigerian
    woman that can be brave
    enough to defend
    herself and bear in mind that not all police
    men are good enough to help a suspect of a crime.

    A very strong piece of advice i will give is that Only The Truth Will Set You Free.Let your life be filled with truth and sincerity.

    Also we should be careful with the choices we make in life ..for every
    choice has consequences.

    The lady was so so lucky that in the end,she
    was vandicated.
    Am happy for her sha...just remember that doing the right thing is
    what will keep us safe.

    Thanks for sharing

    - Dubem Orjiako: July 20, 2017 at 8:18 AM
  • Wow! Nice story.

    i must hail the brain behind this thriller.I was deeply touched

    - PRINCE OOYES: July 28, 2017 at 6:55 AM

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