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Must Read: Sex Adventures Of A Lekki House Boy Episode 11

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    This story is by Danladiii,
    Did you missed any episode read it HERE
    I was still lost in the euphoria of her comments,
    with her waist still wriggling like worms in the
    midst of salt. I looked at her face, just like a warrior
    that have conquered his enemies (her cun…t)
    taking a journey home (her lips) with the head of
    his enemies (her Kum), I wanted her to taste her
    own Kum walahi! Nor be she get am? *But she dare
    not try it if she gives me a head ohhhh!!!! *
    But what happened the next few seconds was scary
    af!!.. I never see am for novels before oh, neither
    have I seen it in any of the S£x stories I have read,
    all I could think was “Devil, You be liar!!!”
    Yvonne passed out (or so I thought). “Na Joke
    be this? Abi na prank? Abi na pre-joke?” I thought
    in my mind as she didn’t return my kisses. First
    thing that came to my mind was “She Dead? ”

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    With the speed of bolt, I quickly tapped her, hoping
    she will wake up asap. Random thoughts came in
    but all I remembered was “Should I pray to God?”..
    “Thunder faya you!No make God vex oh” Was all I
    got in response as I answered myself.
    “Yvonne! Yvonne!!” (Trust me, this one no be Druid-
    Emrys convos, dis one na like Merlin commanding
    the dragon ).. I said as I tapped her and waiting
    for respond.

    “Chai! Na so man dey die so? Just my tongue? This
    one pass power of tongue nah” I thought, as the
    ever corrosive lagbaja went back into its mask and
    my heart beat on high.
    She moved her head. Yes!!!! She effing moved her
    head!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Didnt know who to thank, God?
    Devil? Or Amadioha?*
    “You almost gave me an heart attack you know?”, I
    said with a relief.
    Turns out she was tired from the horgasm as I
    could still feel her legs shake.(Like how did I even
    forget she was still shaking few seconds ago? . )
    Mtchewwwww for myself.
    Me: Don’t worry, rest, will lock the door to make
    sure nobody comes in here” (with my heart in my
    mouth still).
    Yvonne: Baby don’t go!!
    Me: Asamoah is calling my phone already, seems he
    is looking for me. (Liar of life)
    Yvonne: aiite baby. See ya. (In a sleepy tone fah)
    “Was it the alcohol or the horgasm? Or both? Abi na
    my style just give this babe K.O?” Question for the
    gods I think. *this I asked myself as I was covering
    her in the blanket. She managed to wear her gown
    tho, and to my surprise, oga lagbaja didn’t stand as
    I saw her bare A$$ and Unclothedness, till
    tomorrow, I nor know wetin happen. (Oh! And I
    switched on the bulb that was in the room ).
    “Oboy, na so this girl just fall my lagbaja abi? She
    no even try at all! All I got was a miscalculated
    ejanlaculation for a job weldone? Chai!, abi na like
    this dem dey do if they go on spasm? E for be sweet
    story to tell say na GH girl disvirgin me oh!”.. I was
    lost in thoughts when I felt a sharp pain by my
    lower abdomen. (I believe I am not the first boy that
    have experienced this sha), it was just too much
    but I ironed my steps as I turned the pains into
    swagger as I watched Yvonne lock the door to the
    room which I later discovered was a guest room.
    And to even think I tried acting like “Its nothing” by
    playing romeo, covering her in a blanket wasn’t
    enough, she stood up again ? Chai!!
    “Oboy I dey feel you!!!!!” I shouted into tobby’s ear
    as I got when I got back to the DJ’s stand.
    “Babah, were you been? One busty girl been
    looking for you mehn!” Tobby said.
    That was faith. Guessed right?, I asked him the way
    she went and he pointed towards the back door. I
    checked the time and it was 9:45pm. ( Omo! Time
    dey slow if enjoyment dey oh!! We all know shey?
    Stepping out the back door, I saw my Asamoah at
    the pool stand, sitting with one girl I could swear
    was in her mid 20s(Joyce/Esther’s age), both of
    them holding an ignited jumbo sized weed . As
    shocked as I was to see my buddy smoke weed, I
    acted like a wassup niggar and hid the shock.
    Sitting closed to him was michael, with another big
    girl in her mid 20s, but michael’s merchandise
    didn’t looked like weed. It was brown, concluded it
    was cuban cigarettes anyway.
    “How far? You want a beensh to ride?”. Micheal
    asked in a funny way.
    “Mike chill! Dis guy na pikin he be. He carry babe
    come, e dey fear to touch am” Asamoah responded
    in a mocking manner.
    “Bobo how far? When be the action?! Sheewwww”..
    The girl sitting closed to Asamoah asked michael,
    with her mouth chewing gum.
    Na for here I conclude say those two girls na
    Ashewo!!!!!. Oh! They weren’t two, they were Six in
    numbers, all in bikinis. 2 in the pool, 2 sitting. With
    my 2 friends and 2 standing with some guys I didn’t
    care to know. (I guess this is the special pool
    service asamoah was talking about )
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