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Must Read: Soul In Tears Episode 41

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    Written By Nicholas Ankomah Anderson
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    Episode 41

    The corpse was laid in front of the congregation. Sermon was preached and everyone was given the opportunity to watch him for the last. Kwadjo Boateng and the angel stood beside the corpse. The young man was still in tears. He wished he could be given a second chance to make right all the things he saw in the future of his life. Maame Adwoa was inconsolable. She was wailing and throwing her hands in the air. Everyone going round the corpse was moody and had a sad looking face. It was a sorrowful scene to behold. Maame Adwoa’s parents couldn’t go near the corpse. The shame was too much for them to bear.

    Teary Kwabena Boateng spotted his white Co workers in the auditorium. What perplexed him was the white doctor that reported him to the police in the States when he misplaced his working and other permits. There were three white nurses with two doctors. He wondered who told them about the funeral and why they were in Ghana. He decided to find out when they were back from the cemetery.

    Nicholas stopped beside the coffin and stared carefully at the young man lying in it. He felt an urge to touch him. People murmured behind him when he wasn’t moving. He quickly moved to his seat. His phone beeped. He checked and it was a message from his pastor. He went outside to call the pastor after reading the message. The pastor told him the message wasn’t a mistake. He remembered the pastor telling him there was nothing he could do about the young man’s death why Now? He thought. Dorothy got closer to him when she saw his confused face.
    ‘why are you outside?’ Dorothy inquired. Out of the sorrowful moment, Dorothy wanted to make fun of Nicholas. She knew him to be a tough guy in terms of shedding tears. The young man never shed tears when he lost his mother. Nicholas quickly read her thoughts.
    ‘it’s not what you think. It’s more serious than the fun you want to have’ he said and brushed her aside gentle. He entered the church wondering how he could carry out his plan without being interrupted.

    ‘We have to go now please’ the angel said to Kwadjo Boateng. He looked at his wailing mother and said softly. ‘I seriously need a second chance to make things right’…

    Nicholas joined the queue of people going round the corpse to see his face for the last. Clara spotted him and frowned. She wriggled her way outside to meet Dorothy. She asked her friend what was going on and Dorothy was shocked at the question. Clara held her hand and they entered the church. Dorothy saw Nicholas in the queue.
    ‘what is he going to do there again’ Dorothy asked with a frown. They stood at the entrance and stared at the young man in the queue. Nicholas held the corpse when he got closer. He started praying with all his might. The congregation started murmuring in shock. Kobby and the team that carried the coffin into the church wriggled their way through the waiting queue to take Nicholas out of the way. Before they got closer, Nicholas screamed Kwadjo Boateng’s name three times. Dorothy felt very embarrassed. The young men held him and just as they were taken him away, something strange happened…

    To be continued……….

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