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Must Read: Sex And The City Episode 116

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    This Story Is Written By Ozila
    Whatsapp Contact: +2348066418379 
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    EPISODE 116
    “What is it dear?” Ria said touching me.

    “Nothing, just a dream go back to sleep dear” I said as I lay down again.

    I couldn’t close my eyes anymore as the dream keep reminiscing on my head, I stood up and check the time its almost six so I sat on the sitting room to watch TV, I took another juice and started watching kung fu panda, I love that cartoon very much.

    Around seven Ria woke up and told me to prepare that we need to do everything quick or else we wont leave Lagos today, I took my bath and then wear my dress, she did the same and then we walk out of the hotel, she drive to another place in that Victoria island, we enter a big hall dominated by black and white people mostly Indians, some were in line but she took me to a room and then we saw one India guy, they exchange greetings and then he took my ID card, he gave me some papers to sign and after signing them he put them on envelop and hand it over to me including my ID, Ria gave him something and then we took our leave, back to the car she opened the envelop and then smile after reading some thing.

    “What is it?” I asked.

    “They gave you student Visa” she said smiling..b

    “And what does it mean?”

    “It means you will stay with me in India for five years or more”

    “Waoh, did you tell them am going there to school?” I ask.

    “No, I just told him to prepare a Visa for my friend, he only ask for your age” she said..

    “Thanks very much dear”  I said feeling Happy.

    She gave me the document and when I read through it I saw that our journey to India is next week, a week from now, I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting something quicker because I have nowhere else to stay.

    “What are you thinking?” She read my mind.

    “Nothing dear” I lied.

    “Come on dear, you can tell me anything” she said.

    “Okay, I bade goodbye to my friends already in Benin, I told them I will be traveling out in two days time.”

    “Oh well that’s not a problem, in two days you just pack your things and you come wait for me in my hotel in Lagos while I tidy things up before our final outing”

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