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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness Episode 4

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    Story written by Ayanpoju Ayanyemi
    Did You Missed Any Episode Read It HERE
    Episode 4

        As I enter my room I first went to the bathroom and come back to eat, barely 5 min I started earing soft knock on my door. I sat down still and wonder who could come and be knocking by this time of the night.
    out of curiosity I went to open my door and met the hot receptionist in front of my door. with her top 3 botten open, breast pooping out, red lip stick, her working clothe is down to her knee length. I just can't stop gazing at her. before I could recover from her supernatural beauty I see that the only one standing, as I look back I already saw her Lying on my bed with only her pant and Bra. I closed my door and get close to her, she stand up and we started kissing her lip stick is sweet like stray berry. before I could regain my self she push me on the bed, draw my pant down and take my dick to her mouth.

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       she started sucked my dick like a lollipop she will deep throat me. spit on my dixk and lick the full length. after 5min my body gave way I release all my speem to her mouth, she open her mouth and swallow everything, I collapse to the bed.
    she took my flaccid dick and lick the tips with her tongue. to come back to life she open the drawer pick a condom and tore it wear it on my dick like a married man on suit and sit on my dick going up and down on it after 5 min we change to doggy style I keep hitting her had from the back and slapping her ass cheek, I sight a Vaseline on d table pick it up, disengaged my self from her I let her laid face down with her ass shooting up, j spread her leg and lubricate it and guide my self to the holy land.

    To Be Continued..

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