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Must Read: My Encounter With A Waitress Episode 39

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    EPISODE 39

    20 years have finally passed. I am now working at ministry of work and housing in Akure while racheal has been practicing and working as a prosecutor ever again. August 5th has become a day of celebration and to remember. The day opeyemi left the world and a seed behind. Temiloulwa is about to finish youth service while olwasemilore is in 300level at university of Ibadan. We have packed some stuff that would make our stay be enjoyable at snakie’s place. He asked us to meet at whispering palms resort for this year’s celebration. I was driving while racheal sat beside me in front of the car. Both temiloluwa and olusemilore sat beside both right and left car’s doors respectively, while little Amanda that God gave us after semilore sitting in the middle of them all. We drove for about four hours from akure to badagry until our car came to halt in front of whispering palms resort exactly 2:00pm… and we welcomed as family of shareholder of the hotel. We were provided many things that would make our stay there a better experience. After hours, snakie and his wife with kid joined us and we have full house family. Me and my wife and two children, a son from opeyemi and a girl from racheal who is called little Amanda, while snakie sat with his wife with a son called adebanji and a kid from racheal who is called oluwasemilore. Everytime I look at this two family structures, I remembered the movie I watched written by durojaye which is called ‘”all in circle”, and I sometime engulfed by the thought that some circles are eclipse, some are perimeters, some are globules, and some are spherical… a circle could be small or big, but no matter how big or small a circle is. A circle is still a circle.

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    We ate in silent and snakie came out for air;

    Snakie: temilouwa hmmmm….. You look more like your mum.

    Temi: thanks daddy… but daddy, do you like my mum to that extent???

    Snakie: ******sighed**** I can say that and I can’t say it.

    Temi: why daddy?

    Snakie: because when I had her I still after many things that made thing later went wrong. But everytime I remember how she came to my life I find it difficult to forget her forever.

    Temi: do you fell sorry for her???

    Snakie: I probably did…. but

    Racheaal:*****quickly came in**** can we have a toast for her????

    *** I knew she did that for us to stop talking about past everytime we gather together***** at the hearing of a toast, everybody answered yes!!!!! ****After the chip of the drink****

    Snakie: temi, now that you about to finished you service, what do you intend to do, I mean which work you want to be doing now. May be I can be of help to you?

    Temi: thanks daddy for that. I have been saying it to daddy***referring to me*** but he yet to give me reply.

    Snakie: then, tell me. I will help you and we will talk it over here.

    Temi: daddy, I heard you have had many hotels now???


    Snakie: yes now. Even I have another one under construction at lekki phase one.

    Temi:****smiling**** can I start working there???

    Me: *** I cut-in**** how? What do you want to be doing with him??

    Snakie: allow him to state his mind first jerry!!!

    Me: ok oooooo…..

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    Tami: after my service daddy, I have been thinking that I want to be start working as a waiter!!!!

    Me, racheal, oluwasemilore, little Amanda and tolu (snakie wife) ….we all looked at each other in a row!!!!****and everyone start wonder, why will you want to do the same work your mother did while alive****



    Silent follow the air all of sudden and on one could say why he made such dream as a graduate!!!!! Yoruba elites are very intelligent, only that they lack written materials. They say and I quote that; “Beyan o’bi Ibeji, ko le so idowu. Omo ti e’ya ba bi, e’ya ni jo” ****a person who did not give birth to twins can never name the next birth as Idowu. Wolf produces wolf alike as an offsprings

    Since day one, I just could not get over temiloluwa. All the time, I found myself staring at him. Every time I look at him, I found myself in deep thinking. No matter how hard I think about it, I just could not completely erase and rewrite how Rachael came in between me and snakie, and refuse to leave up till now! How opeyemi came into my life and left a seed behind!! And finally, how snakie resurfaced and still be the part of family for life!!! Even thought they popularly saying; “soldiers come and go, barrack no dey move” but someone coming to our life sometime leave a deep print on our parts and one should always careful of what one is chasing, because what open Adam’s eyes, closed abacha’s eyes …this reminds me of a Poem which saying, “someone coming into your life is a big thing, because his whole life comes with him”



    ****************THE END****************

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