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Must Read: Sex Adventures Of A Lekki House Boy Episode 29

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    This story is by Danladiii,
    Did you missed any episode read it HERE

    EPISODE 29

        I returned back to kissing her once more as I slid a
    finger into her pus*y, she let out a moan as my
    finger was going in and out. Starting with one
    finger, I inserted two. I could see she liked it so I
    decided I put the number 3 in, I wasn’t enjoying
    this act as well as she was, but I liked the way she
    responded to each movement. Especially when I
    used my thumb to pressure her cleetoral hood.
    These movements coming from a much experienced
    lady, I accepted I was Good.
       But I wasn’t there to see if I was good.. I was there
    to cure myself of the drugs I took(mistakenly).
    I just needed to do something about the burning
    desire in me before it became worst so I made a
    move, I turned her over with my finger still in her
    pussay as I removed her panties with my left hand..

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       “I want you”.. She said as I looked for up and down,
    then I said to myself “This is it”. I stepped out of the
    bed as I went searching for condoms which I got
    from the family doctor when I went for my HIV
    tests some months back.
    “What are you doing?” She asked.. I dropped down
    the condom roles to show her what I was doing but
    rahrah! She didn’t quite buy the idea with the looks
    on her face. I asked why the face and She said she
    was on Pills and everything was under control,
    hence, Skin Dive is the motto.
    Without thinking twice, I jumped into the bed, drew
    her to the edge of the bed and knelt in front of her
    as all I was thinking was umm.. Nothing. She smiled
    and said “Good Boy” as I kissed her. The next task
    was to get inside her honey pot as my D*I*CK just
    couldn’t get the right entrance. So I opted to use
    my fingers to direct it inside as she kept on
    spreading her legs out wide. *she must have
    thought I was teasing her with it, not knowing I was
    JJC like I told her earlier*

    I was finally in!.. And I felt out of the planet as the
    muscles of a real vagi…na ganged up around my
    D*I*C*K for the first time in “Forever”.. I took out
    two or three seconds to appreciate the warmness I
    felt inside of her as I started thrusting, with time I
    increased my thrusts and it got more interesting
    more and more.
    “Harder Ladi.. Deeper!!!”.. These were words that I
    think finally woke up the Aphrodisiac drug that
    were in my blood as I went rough, all I wanted to do
    was Go in and out and ease my desire when I Kum..
    I stopped Kissing and caressing her bosoms as I
    could hear the bed squeak like a an old bicycle,
    then I fueled it up with all the things she had done
    to me as I went All in and could feel her walls
    expand to the size of my D*I*C*K.
    It lasted longer than I expected and she was still
    very much enjoying it. Here is a girl I wanted to
    punish for the things she did to me in the past,
    enjoying the so called Revenge.. Screaming and
    moaning like I do see in por…n.
    I missed a thrust as my D*I*CK got out of the
    Pussay, damn it felt good getting fresh hair after
    being in an oven for minutes I am so not regretting.
    But I guess I wasn’t fast enough to put it back in as
    she stood up holding my D*I*Ck, saying It was so
    large and she was loving it.. Then she did
    something I didn’t think nigerian girls do…

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    She dragged herself down the bed, knelt down and
    turned her A$$ facing me,spanked it and said “Take
    me to heaven baby*
    it was unbelievable as I thought african girls only
    do one style.. But it was nice having that bare A$$
    stare at me, then juggled by her spanking.
    She directed my D*I*C*K into her as I was still
    having difficulty entering(perhaps she decided to
    believe I was a novice) and this made my brain
    touched. Thrusting in and out of a Pussay with the
    A$$ shaking like shake was something else I never
    imagined, it was like using “I Pass My Neighbour”
    generator to Iron clothes
    I started thrusting as I was wondering when she
    will get tired, didn’t wanted to imagine that so I
    took a hand under her cleetoral hood to massage
    and caress it(it was not dry oh! But I sha put spit
    for hand to copy all those Indecency people.
    I was still thrusting in and out of esther pussay for a
    time I could pass for 10mins(covered in sweats
    even with the A.C on)when I had a weird feeling I
    was about Kuming.. Gosh!! I had a feeling I was
    going to Kum 5litres of seamen
    *Ok.. I feel sick not being able to express myself the
    way I should.. .. These next few paragraphs are
    “Finally.. Arrrrgh! Baba I don land.. god punish that
    aphrodicodi!!!!.. Their father!!” I said in my mind as
    I could feel my machine guns getting ready to spit
    liters of Kum. But Esther wasn’t showing any sign
    of kuming soon, not like I send but I just had
    something like “What if I hadn’t taken the drugs..d
    alcohol? She for kill me today I swear” ..
    I increased my thrust as I let out my Official first
    moan(no faking).. I guess it was a combination of
    “Sigh of” relief and the But before I could
    even get to where the sweet thing occurs, she said
    things I didn’t understand but I interpreted it as
    “Don’t kum in me” (maybe that was what she said)..
    “Eeeeh! Abeg do the deed and apologise later
    jare!”.. My D*I*C*K said in a message to my brain..
    So I obeyed the devil in me as I continued in high
    thrusts.. Seems she wanted to stand up but my
    hands went in collaboration with my D*I*C*K as it
    drew it back like “Come back here.. Na me force
    you here before?”
    Finally.. I felt my legs shake, my mind spark and my
    muscles contract and expands as I prepared to kum
    in my first S£x..
    “Clear road!!! Their father!!!!!!!!”.. The whole body
    said as I pumped some hell of Kum I thought/felt
    would never stop.. It was 3litres ohhh! (Ok,
    Maybe it didn’t reach but right inside that hot warm
    and slippery wall, it felt like 3litres )
    More stories @ Olaxali's Blog
    I breathed with a big sigh of relief that the first
    round(like why the hell was I thinking of ROUNDS
    when I just pounded for like 20mins? ) was over
    as I laid on her back with my D*I*C*K still jerking
    inside of her..


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