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Must Read: Fausa Eleja Season 8 Episode 11

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    This Story Is Written By YK OLAZ
    Did you missed any Episode read it HERE


    EPISODE 11

    I picked up my phone, i launched the whatsapp application, i sent an offline message to seye and within 4minutes...seye joined me in chatting

    Me: sup bro

    Seye: how you ?

    Me: good and you?

    Seye: same here bro, hope everything is fine?

    Me: thanks to God.....hope the deal still a deal?

    Seye: sure, you no trust me?????

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    Me: i trust you what time are we expecting them for lawyer's stuff

    Seye: don’t worry i will take you along......

    Me: alright boss.....but i want them to do me a favour

    Seye: what favour????

    Me: i want the speaker out of them to make use of wireless hands free while interrogating with him

    Seye: why?????

    Me: i know the person very well.....he will be questioning them and if they have no answer, they might not be able to suceed in the operation.....just tell the speaker to plant it into his ear while i will be hearing their conversation and as well feeding them the relevant answer.....

    Seye: humm. That's a good idea........alright i will make the arrangement

    Me: good bro.......i have a question for you bro

    Seye: what's that????

    Me: how did you get those killers you are sending to me?????

    Seye: bro it's not a whatsapp discussion....we shall talk better when we take care...bye....get something to do now...

    Me: why now
    More stories @ Olaxali's Blog more reply again............i quitted the whatsapp application and chose to work on some document placed before me.....after the work, i carried my briefcase....i greeted those greetable ones before i left the office for home.........on getting to the house premise, rain started falling and i was unable to get off the car until the rain stop...........during my stay inside the car.....i was just thinking of my one and only amoke.......
    "Is amoke going to die just like that????"
    "Should i stop seye to spear amoke's life??"
    "But seye had said it already that i cannot give it up again"
    "Who do i have to replace her in my life???"
    "What if both of them were murdered and another person arises to claimed that he/she is holding original documents to the properties?" What do i have to wash myself clean???"
    "And moreso, amoke is no more showing any attitude....why can't i forget about the assassination and spear her life?"
    "But what if she later showing attitude when it would be already late for me, what will i do then??"
    "See, is better i do it now or never! and then turn to my state of poverty.."
    ....i was on the thought while i got a knock from the driver's door glass.........

    Amoke: baby what happen????? I have been calling your name severally with no responds from you....what is it you are thinking?????

    Me: *i opened the driver's door and could see that the rain is already stopped...* baby....i am fine....i am sorry

    Amoke: baby, i have been noticing you this seems there is something baffling your mind or either bothering you....please i am your wife....... tell me everything....please i don’t want to become a widow ...

    Me: baby, like’s’s fine.......

    Amoke: it’s not fine......its been over 10minutes, i have been standing here beside you, after the rain stopped, calling your name with no please now...tell me what is bothering you....

    Me: ok you truly love me?????

    Amoke: what kind of question is that??? I can never live without are my everything..... 

    Me: so if you truly love me..pray for me

    Amoke: what for??? What is happening???

    Me: i am getting into the root of those culprits at work........and am scared they use juju to retaliates.....

    Amoke: is that all???? Ah beg there is nothing they can do jur......let go upstair jare....your food is almost cold......
    ...she pecked me and held my hand while walking in cuddling inside the room.....we got to the sitting room, she offload my suit, my tie, my shirt, my trouser while i was left with only boxers..............

    Me: do you hear anything from temi atall ????

    Amoke: not atall... Why do you ask???

    Me: nothing, its been long i heard from my daughter

    Amoke: heyah shey na you wan marry your daughter ni????

    Me: lol.....what about femi??

    Amoke: he came yesterday into the house.....

    Me: woooow...what did he come to do?????

    Amoke: just came to greet.....he said he will check back on thursday or weekend

    Me: ok oooo.   I need to call temi

    ...i dialed temi's number and she picked it up

    Me: hello my baby

    Temi: daddy are you????

    Me: i am fine and you??????

    Temi: same here dad just forgot your daughter like that?

    Me: i am sorry my dear......have been busy with office work and the one i discussed with you

    Temi: is it those embezzlers?????

    Me: yes

    Temi: howfar about it now???

    Me: we are still on it....i will update you when you come home sha

    Temi: dad.. i don’t know when i will be coming home yet

    Me: why what are you doing in school...?

    Temi: we are in season of tests.......our ezams is approaching .....

    Me: heyah so you are not coming this weekend right????

    Temi: can't say but probably yes.............i am not coming..i will need to read...

    Me:ok no problem...face your well

    Temi: bye sir..aunty amoke nko???
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    Me: she is fine..she is sending her greeting too

    Temi: my regard to her too

    Me: alright take care dear.....

    Temi: bye dad…………..

    To Be Continued...

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