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Must Read: Fausa Eleja Season 8 Episode 15

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    This Story Is Written By YK OLAZ
    Did you missed any Episode read it HERE


    EPISODE 15

    Seye: hello what is that thing?

    Me: two senior staffs had been assasinated in our company in a day

    Seye: are you kidding me????? How????

    Me: na true oooo. They are among the culprit i am looking up for

    Seye: oooihhh were you now the one that assasinated them????

    Me: can i kill an ordinary chicken talkless of human????

    Seye: lol una dey vex???? Then who?

    Me: bro na the IP Manager ooooo

    Seye: how did you know he was the one????

    Me: i planned with garuba to put a call to me immediately the meeting i recorded everything the man altered

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    Seye: Good have done well.Its parts of our want.....

    Me: oshey jare ore (thanks friend)

    Seye: you welcome

    Me: your wife nko?????

    Seye: she is fine...she is here beside me........

    Me: ok bye later, i will be expecting the visitors......

    Seye: ok bye.....

    I ended up chatting with seye and placed my head on the table thinking of everything................. I remember suzzie.......

    "Chai i need to inform this girl about my visiting to ghana so she can be aware..............."
    "Or should i make it to her when i get there??????"
    "No, it's better i do that now because she may has an appointment before her and so that she can terminate it because of me"
    "No, suzzie will be ready anytime any moment for me"
    "What about her husband she said to be irksome?????"
    "It's better i make the enquiry now...."

    I picked up my phone again, i dialed suzzie's nunber for good 7times but not picking up.........i put my phone aside and drew some documents close for assessment...........after an hour i remembered the number i collected from seye. I picked up my phone. I searched for the number. I forwarded a call to it.

    Me: hello

    Voice: hello....who is this???

    Me: this is seye's friend ..alabi

    Voice: ooooohhhh mr alabi we are almost in lagos

    Me: you will be here in what time?

    Voice: in 2hours time
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    Me: thats fine by me...what's your name sir????

    Voice: my name????

    Me: yes

    Voice: i am jasper

    Me: hope seye told you to give me a call and make use of wireless bluetooth when getting to the man????

    Jasper: yes he had told us everything...he said the man has a boss which is (SAN) SENIOR ADVICATE OF NIGERIA......

    Me: yes you are you are entering him through his boss.....

    Jasper: leave that for us.......yours is to hear the obituary.......what about the other woman.....

    Me: yeap her own should be on saturday so it won't be suspicious .......

    Jasper: alright no problem

    Me: but where will you be staying till the weekend?????

    Jasper: don’t worry about that...we will get an hotel

    Me: which one?

    Jasper: (hard voice) alaye wetin happen now???? Wetin be your own???? Ahbeg free

    Me: I'm sorry trip

    Jasper: thanks..........hung up

    ......chai these men are desperate.....don't they want me to know their whereabout.........well no that should be my problem?????? I talked to myself and switched to my mechanism to watch and receive what is what around the premises.............i was on the cctv for 30minutes while my phone began to ring........

    Me: hello......

    Strange number: hello are you???? Longtime.....i was with my husband when yoh called the other time... That's why i couldn’t pick it....

    Me: who am i on to??????

    Strange no: this is suzzie

    Me: ooooh my darling precious toto.....whats up.....i wanna inform you to make you notified about my visiting to ghana tomorrow and will spend upto 4 to 5 days.......

    Suzzie: woowwwww that's nice.........but don't know if I'm gonna be free because my husband is expecting his old friend and will be spending more than a my husband will be at home throughout

    Me: i won’t be able to see you atall????? Please i must see you because i have missed your toto too much

    Suzzie: infact me too don missed my dick too much........ but Don’t worry i will find all means to come and meet you at any hotel you lodged into......
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    Me: not lodging to any hotel oooooooo......i am visiting a friend....but i will get an hotel for our meeting because i wont like bringjng you to their house

    Suzzie: that will be better......when you arived....just holla me on IMO husband doesn’t know there is any chatting platform called he never check that one on my phone....... That means i only have access to it......

    Me: alright that will be fine.............but which number is this again????

    Suzzie: i need to use this to call you because my husband is busy with the one you have.....

    Me: ok i get it......take Care bye......

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  • I just pray make that suzzie no kill u

    - T-strings: March 24, 2018 at 3:19 AM

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