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Must Read: Fausa Eleja Season 8 Episode 4

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    This Story Is Written By YK OLAZ
    Did you missed any Episode read it HERE


    EPISODE 3 

       We hung up and I was little relieved.............I picked up the
    intercom beside me and put a call to my secretary, ordered her
    to summoned the gateman for me....after 5minutes I got a
    knocked on my door from outside. I ordered the person in,
    garuba entered

    Garuba: oka kood morning sir

    Me: good morning how are you?

    Garuba: I'm fine oooooo oga (boss)

    Me: good, I want to send you an errand

    Garuba: no problem sir, but nobody will be at the gate sir....

    Me: where is other security officers?

    Garuba: they were at the other department sir and the second
    one that use to assist me before, had been transfered to other
    company at AJAH sir.....

    Me: alright, no problem,,,, you will go and get me Mr. Bigg
    chicken rice must be hurry oooooo........

    Garuba: alright sir.....

    He left . I drew close my laptop and the terminal communication
    receiver, I started from the previous date and nothing serious
    was gotten from their conversation.......but by the time I chose
    the last week's conversation of EF Accountant and the IP
    manager...........I caught up a very weird discussion................ was about percentage of a shares to a particular income
    from our eastern country's deal..........I was shocked and was
    having a heart banging unstopable.....I collapsed like someone
    who was strafe. i quickly recorded the track side...and added it
    to favourite...

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    I was just looking like a mumu for about some minutes, I
    switched to the CCTV application viewer on my laptop, I was
    surfing through the various movement of the workers for the
    past 3 days before I later saw another 6 men in a conference
    meeting discussing on a percentage who will be for everyone of

    the members out of the eastern country's deal....."chai this is the
    video to the audio i got from the terminal".....thank God.....before
    anything can tamper it, i hurriedly recorded the area i needed
    and saved it also....before I could switch off the application, I
    saw another 3 group of people, 2 females and a man who looks
    like a head in that department having 2sum sex together in the
    office at one of the department not far to my own department.
    "Egbami this ones has turn the office to porn site location where
    they are using to act porn video, come see how they were given
    the man blowjob and different styles, sometimes both of the
    girls will be licking their private part before the service of the
    man's pistle in their mortals, how would such a whore ladies
    would be employed as an official staff in this organization", I cut
    those area I needed and burned it to a compact disc.....................

    After about 45minutes, garuba returned from where I sent him
    and and he dropped the plate of the rice on my table..he was
    about to leave while I waited him...

    Me: garuba, wait a minute, there is something I want to discuss
    with you

    Garuba: what's that sir?

    Me: before I continue, have you confirmed anything about the
    culprit's plan??????

    Garuba: not atall sir....

    Me: ok don't worry, but I want you to do me a favour

    Garuba: what favour sir?

    Me: I asked him to step closer. I whispered to his hearing, he
    wanted to reject it at first but when I included to be given
    #500,000 after everything. he was very happy, he promised to do
    the work for me but beg for his own safe.......I assured him of his
    safety and he said he will prosecute the mission the following
    day..which I shifted to thursday before the weekend...I also
    warned him to come for a proper lesson on what to say before
    he carried out the operation...and also warned him to carry me
    along everything before and after he started the mission.....then
    he should make sure he return to me immediately he was
    through with them...he left the office......and I was a little bit
    happy. I ate my food..while i also got relieved....after the food, I
    worked through some files that has been submited before me on
    my table, I signed the signable ones and rejected the rejectable

    At 3:35pm that faithful day, I was ready to close for the day, I
    picked up my phone to initiated a chat with seye

    Me: hello bro, I'm about closing for the day

    Seye: ok, so how do we plan the stuff????

    Me: yeap… I thought of coming to your side till the operation
    would be finally carried………………..

    Seye: but where will you tell your wife you are going?

    Me: you dey fear?

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    Seye: nooooooooo, though I don’t want my name to be
    mentioned, because I will be the first person to be suspected if
    they discovered anything

    Me: I will tell her I have some documents to catch up at one of
    our foreign company and it may takes me upto a weeks….and
    just because of the plight between us, she wont oppose nor

    Seye: hmmmm good idea…now you are getting smarter

    Me: but how your boys gonna do the operation on the lawyer?

    Seye: leave that one. Just send us his details

    Me: what and what?

    Seye: his name,,, the name of his chamber,,,, his address to his
    office and house,(location) phone number,,,,,,

    Me: alright problem....i dropped the details for him and

    left the office that day for home.......... 

    To Be Continued...

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