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Must Read: Fausa Eleja Season 8 Episode 8 & 9

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    This Story Is Written By YK OLAZ
    Did you missed any Episode read it HERE



    Amoke: baby...what’s that you forgot to tell me???

    Me: i think we should use the gateman as a path to fickly the former idea inorder to acquired a rigid evidence from the culprits’' plans?

    Amoke: how??????

    Me: so i haven’t discussed it with you before?????

    Amoke: not atall

    Me: i thought of sending garuba to the PI as a disguise ...and to form alliance with them inorder to bring us a rigid fact.........

    Amoke: are those evidence gotten from the mechanisms not enough??????

    Me: that’s also my own believe too but immediately i got the facts from the mechanisms yesterday, I quickly infer on the available information gotten from the two media and put a call to made report to the police station but the dpo advised me to let have a further inquiry on the matter to avoid loosing, this reminded me on what seye also advised about, that after a rigid evidence of confirmation, I should make further rigid evidence of execution......

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    Amoke: execution as in???? And also, did you carry your friend along?????

    Me: (haaaaaa ah don talk too much oooo) yes i did.... i only seeked for his advise how to get them red handed...he was even the one that brought up an idea of communication tracking...

    Amoke: was he also the one that advice you on execution stuff?????

    Me: noooooooooo but

    Amoke: but what?????

    Me:that "but" was a mistake

    Amoke: till you get home sha....

    Me: alright dear.......take care of you

    Amoke: love you too

    Me: amoke do you really mean what you just said????

    Amoke: what was that????

    Me: that you truly love me

    Amoke: what kind of question is that??????

    Me: i just wanna know......

    Amoke: are we toasters to each others??????or whats the meaning of that????

    Me: nothing dear.......just that i love you so very much

    Amoke: i love you too....

    Me: take care of yourself dear......bye...

    We ended up the chatting. then i fall into another thought
    "Hey God! Do amoke truly love me???"
    "Should i still embark on my plan toward her???"
    "Should i give up the plans????"
    "Would seye allowed me to give it up????"
    "Is her producing atitudes this days fakes or real????"
    "Is there something she is planning?????"
    "Wait....if i spear her life and she then send me out of her life...where will i start from????? with this my age"
    "Or should i just dupe and leave her without murdering her???"
    "What about the lawyer who keep all the records????"
    "Even if i try to eleminate only the lawyer and steal the records what about the original of the records that he had saved into bank when the late chief Lawrence (owner) was alive????"
    "Hey there is no way i can spear her life, its better i follow my friend's advise....i trust him ...he can’t advise me wrongly.......he had been there for me for so long"
    ....i am thinking of putting a call to seye inorder to seeks for mercy from killing the fames.........hope he agrees

    ....i put a call to seye three times before he could picked it up

    Seye: chairman howfar

    Me: baba sharon (sharon dad) i am fine oooo..and you???

    Seye: we thank God oooooooooooo

    Me: howfar about our plans

    Seye: its done ore

    Me: what is done???

    Seye: i have paid for the operation and they were all gallant and ready....infact they will appear soon

    Me: haaaaaa..seye i'm thinking of something

    Seye: what’s that????

    Me: i thought, what if will dupe amoke Instead of murdering!

    Seye: what the hell are you saying?????after i have paid for a life

    Me: i just seeks for that! because amoke is not a type we think she was

    Seye: what are you saying????

    Me: amoke showed me love instead of grudge........infact she confirmed it to me that nothing can separate us except death.....

    Seye: then why can’t you allow death to make a way for your own benefits?

    Me: i'm afraid of loosing her....she is been good to me this days

    Seye: ogbeni (mr man) you better stop playing childish....this girl has nothing to offer you after some more years there isn’t a child between you will just be on a seat by the time she carries a pregnancy from outside and sent you pack out of the house

    Me: are you serious???

    Seye: dont you think of it.......she won’t dear to lose all the properties to a motherless home..........she will be eager atleast to get a child of her own to inherit the properties......and what will then be your own if she doesn’t has a baby for you?????

    Me: hmmmmmmm (sighs heavily)

    Seye: there is nothing i guess for you contrary to execution stuff....

    Me: ok thanks bro.....but when are they coming for the Lawyer?????

    Seye: they will be there unfailingly on Wednesday because they gonna execute that of your wife by saturday before they got back to ghana on sunday

    Me: hmmm...alright bro

    Seye: so when are you coming to ghana????

    Me: i will be there on thursday after the end of the lawyer.....then i will return back to lagos on Sunday or monday. So as to come witness the death of my wife.....but they must have done the execution on saturday prior my return ooooo

    Seye: should we be expecting you........

    Me: is madam and her children

    Seye: they were all fine infact madam is here with me

    Me: there with you???????

    Seye: as in! She just got inside the room now and just taking her seat beside mine.

    Me: God save you

    Seye: whats that?????

    Me: i thought she has heard our conversation

    Seye: lol......what concern her........

    Me: lol......let me speaks with her now

    Seye: ok......”seye handed the phone over to her”

    Seye's wife: Hello sir (familiar voice)


    Me: hello my wife is everything????

    Seye's wife: we thank God ooooo......even though there is distance between us. Should that be an excuse for you not visiting us even for once?

    Me: i am sorry my dear...i tried to make it to the naming ceremony of your second child but my work doesn’t allowed. and also i wasn’t aware of the first Born

    Seye's wife: its ok sir.....i learnt you are coming to abuja this week

    Me: yes, and i will be spending more days

    Seye's wife: are you kidding???? More days???? We will appreciate it so much.......

    Me: can’t wait to eat your pounded yam and egusi...

    Seye's wife: don’t worry. Pounded yams and more.....infact i pray my meal won’t cause conflict between you and your wife...

    Me: can never because my wife is incomparable in terms of cooking....... infact you can’t win her (chai God after the demise of my wife, who is to use to compare again?)

    Seye's wife: alright till then.....

    Me: alright take care dear......
    ..”this voice is so familiar, whom might she be?.....she handed back the phone to her husband and we gave it an end.......... I thought a little while and then summoned garuba to my office...

    Me: garuba....its now time for the operation....i have informed the police and their eyes were on you are fully secured...........take this.... i handed him a bullet proof jacket.....

    Garuba: what is this for sir?

    Me: it’s for your own protection.... Make sure you always have this ‘on’ every time, everyday......

    Garuba: please oga....hope you promise my safety

    Me: sure i do.......immediately you are get your remaining balance of 500k

    Garuba: another 500k for me?????? Wahalahi oga ah go do am perfect

    Me: alright thanks......tomorrow is wednesday......but you are going to start today....go to the IP manager now and informed him what is what.....

    Garuba: ok sir...i will feed you back how it goes

    Me: don’t worry about that....i will be monitoring both your moves here

    Garuba: how sir

    Me: through CCTV….

    Garuba: what’s that sir?

    Me: hurry up’s getting late

    Garuba: ok sir............
    I gave him just a minute section of their deliberation on how money will be shared by those embezzlers. he left, then i drew close my mechanisms......i switched on the CCTV and also the terminal tracking......i began to listen to various calls making within the premises at that moment.....i then zoomed my cctv screen to the IP manager while i got all his moves......not much than 10minutes....i could see garuba getting into the IP manager's office and their conversation goes thus:

    IP: So garuba....i learnt you said there is something important you wanna discuss with me

    Garuba: yes sir.......It is very important like you said......and i will like us to corperate sir

    IP: corporate????? What does that mean??????*eye change*

    Garuba: calm down oga.......i just want to allege with you so i can have my own share out of it..........i have been hearing how huge it was...infact i have been seeing how huge it was either.........but this time around. I too wanted to feel and touch it........i'm not also born to be poor for life........i have my family and my future to build likewise.......*cut in*

    IP: hey mr. Man.....go straight to the point.. what are you talking about???? What is that thing that huge or what nonsense???????

    Garuba: oga like i said earlier....... i have gotten to know everything that is happening in this company.....infact even those thing you weren’t aware of ?????

    IP: what are they????? quickly talk.

    Garuba: i knew every shares that are filming among you guys concerning the organization's income. I wanted to expose you to the board already but i thought of been among you so i can also be rich through that too.....

    IP: please what nonsense are you saying? Do you realize who is at your front?
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    Garuba: oga you don’t need to pretend at all........ I have come to join your crew and i promise to keep the secret within myself.....but if you don’t welcome me....there is nothing i can do rather than reporting you to the board

    IP: what nonsense are you saying??????? Will you please leave my office now before i loose my temper on you????? Get outtttt!!!!!"

    Garuba: well oga....i will do so but i want you to think very deep on this.......before getting out of hand for you

    IP: what do you mean???? Before the count of 3, i want you disappeared...otherwise your works here is this ordinary gateman

    *.....infact i was enjoying the video as if i was watching odun adekola and muyiwa authentic's movie...........i even ignores those calls that came in at that moment and focus fully on the movie*

    Garuba: oga i won’t go against your wish but i believe, you act this way because you believe i get no proof.........i will like you to watch this movie on my phone in a cool temper

    IP: do you think this company is a location for video shooting or are you out of your senses......?
    *...before he could finish his words....garuba has already played the video and gave it a very loud volume through his chinco phone..........the voices and the contents of how they were arguing on how to share the money flew into IP's hearing and he got relaxed immediately and the same time shivering on his seat.....he doesn’t know what to say again...*though i expected him to succum immidiately but he acted bravely....this scared me the most*

    IP: how did you get this?

    Garuba: I have already aware that whenever you gathered like that, it’s for meeting and the meeting is surely about money, so that’s why I dodged a camera phone at the corner of the room.

    IP: then do you know what the discussion all about????? (Heavy tone with a brave look) does that shows we are planing to embezle an income????? I can see you are crazy....get out of here.......

    Garuba: oga not even only this i have.... I have gotten a lot but only came with only this one........i will urge you to corporate with me

    IP: to hell with your your worse....just get lost....get out of my office

    Garuba: its nothing .....i will be out soon....check this...'he forwarded an envelope' this is a copy of a letter written to you by one of your patners concerning some money embezzled by your crew...........
    ...he picked it up...he tored it and brought out the letter why he digested the content.....he was speechless but still manage to yell at him

    IP: do you know what the letter means????? Do you think its what you suggested???

    Garuba: lol....oga ah no go school but ah no how to the third paragraph and tell me what it means...........IP looked back to fish out what special in the paragraph....but before he could comment.. Garuba interrupted..... "Oga you better suspend that and let talk about business......also i have Something to discuss with you.....

    IP: i'm listening.....what's that?????

    Garuba: it seems The EF Accountant and IG manager is planning something cruel against you and the CE seceretary......and it seems they are planning to eliminate someone which i guess is you......

    IP: common garuba or what's your would they????

    Garuba: you better admit that as truth...i caught them redhanded and they can never deny it.........but relax...i get idea on how we can handle them and also how we can incriminate them to sanctioned......

    IP: ok garuba....tell me what you get

    Garuba: that is later thing oga......have you agreed to do business with me????

    IP: sure, i must i agreed

    Garuba: oga..when are we gathering for another mission?????

    IP: soon...i will get in touch with you soon

    Garuba: that's good oga...but oga ....i'm thinking of having a token share out of the one you have gotten already
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    IP: garuba!!!!! I said i have heard.........!!!!!! Just go........

    Garuba: alright oga. This is my number sir........he dropped his number on his table and left the office......

    To Be Continued...

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