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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 159

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    Story Is Written By Ozila
    Whatsapp Contact: +2348066418379
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    EPISODE 159

    “Waoh” I said standing in front of her, i pull of my shirt and when she saw my hairy chest her eyes widen a little, I remove my trouser and she saw the Burge through my boxer she smile, I move closer to her and pull her up, I place her on the bed and remove my boxer when she saw my dickson she shine her white teeth, I join her on the bed and spread her leg wide open, she shaved her pussay giving a rectangular shape, I shift downward and started kissing it, from kissing I enter licking, she was moving her ass already and when I started svcking it she started moaning, she started bringing out some kinds of fluid which I lick too, I continue svcking her beautiful pussay and as she moan softly, I move up and put my hard dickson on her mouth, she started svcking it gently, she svck it till it rise like mountain everest.

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    “Will you fvck my now?” she ask.

    “Your wish is my command, but I don’t have condom” I said.

    “Check the drawer” she said.

    I open the drawer above us and saw condoms, I took one and she help me put it on, I svck her one more time before I insert my dickson inside her, at first struck she let out a loud moan and hold me tighter as if she don’t want me to fvck her again.

    “gently” she said.

    She free me and I started fvcking her slowly till it get into her head, then I increase my thrust and her moaning increase too, she was fingering my back and I hope I don’t get injured after the exercise.
    After like six minutes I came, I went to the table and eat two apples and then I went to her where she was sleeping, I put one cut of apple on my mouth and use it to kiss her, she bite from it and we started kissing, from there my oga rise again and we continue fvcking, I turn her around making her ass to face me while she face the bed, I fvck her from behind as she scream loud as if she will die, we did different style before she finally give up.

    “This one if enough for today before you kill me” she said after the sixth round.
    We swim together in the small pool beside the hut, I guess that’s her personal pool.
    Around eight in the night we are already on our way back to my bar.

    “Thank you very much I really enjoyed myself, I hope to see you again” she said.

    “Of course, anytime you want me just call” I said.
    She drop me in front of my bar handing a brown envelop to me, I thank her and walk inside the bar, I put the money inside my bag and remove my clothes, I enter the main audience and started romancing the pool as usual, Rica saw me and smile.

    To Be Continued.....

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  • Wow! I 😍 this story.
    So great

    - Unknown: October 27, 2018 at 1:46 AM

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