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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 160

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    Story Is Written By Ozila
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    “So how did it go?” Rica ask me as we sip our drinks together after I finish eating amala with okra soup in the same restaurant she took me to the other day, we are done for today so she brought me here to eat, I think this place will be our normal spot now like where some workers go to eat after work or during break, I remember my time in Akure when I was working with in Jaoni carpet and rug, everyday in the afternoon there is one place we always go to eat, I think they call it point and kill and it’s close to a police station, when you eat their food ehh trust me every other food will taste like sand in your mouth, those people can prepare food for Africa, that’s the reason I didn’t save any money in Akure point and kill chop all my money finish, I just hope no be jazz them they use there sha.

    “It went well as expected or rather not expected at all” I said.

    “What do you mean not expected?” She ask me.

    “Oh well I was thinking maybe we will just sexx in her house and leave but rather she took me to a beautiful place which even I cannot differ whether its heaven or garden of Eden “ I said.
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    “Hahahahahaha, the woman is rich oh after I left you I browse her profile on wiki and guess what, her husband is an actor and a high one oh” she said.

    “Seriously? So am fvcking an actor’s wife?” I ask..

    “Yeah, I guess he is not always around and she feels lonely sometimes  that’s why she need you” Rica said.

    “Hmm anyway I hope the husband wont catch me one day because I don’t want to enter hot soup, as mg people use to say everyday for the thief and……”

    “one day for the owner” she helped me finish my statement

    “Relax, am your business partner I will rather die than see you in hot soup, I will support you to the end till you decide you want out” she said.

    “Are you sure? You mean if for instance am caught and I was thrown inside prison you can help me?” I ask.

    “Why not? there are cameras inside our bar and we can always use it to defend you, the worst they can do is to send you back to where you come from, see i need money as much as you do and seeing you making money like this for both of us do you really think I will let any harm come close to you?, I have your back trust me ozil” she said..

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