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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 161

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    Story Is Written By Ozila
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    Her assurance make me feel happy like some burden being lifted from my shoulder, a plan B is exactly what I want incase Ria fall my hand, now that I have Rica to back me then I should just do my work and make money, but I need a way to send the money to Nigeria, I will send the money to my mother’s account in case I don’t make it back she can always use it, I will call her and tell her.

    “so where is my share” Rica said bringing me back to life.

    “Oh yeah” I said.

    I bring out the money and hand a few to her, she counted it and said.

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    “This is too much na, I don’t expect you to give me this much” she said.

    “I know but since you have assured me that if anything happen you can always get me out then I will always give you more than you deserve” I said.

    “Thank you dear, you are a darling you know that?” She said.

    “Of course I know, that’s why everybody want to fvck me” I said and she burst out laughing in the midst of everybody.

    “About the video we are making a lot of money and our fans are demanding to see more of you” she said.

    “Oh well since I don’t have time what do you want me to do?” I ask her.

    “Maybe we should shoot another video tomorrow in work” she said.

    “But you know I have to visit another mama tomorrow” I said.
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    “Oh well we will do it in your house, when everybody go to work I will come and visit” she said.

    “I need you to help me find out how to send money from here to Nigeria” I said on our way home.

    “Its quit simple you can use my account because opening your own will require many things which you don’t have” she said.

    “Really? I thought we will use something like western union” I said.

    “Yeah there is something like that but there are other simple ways, but since you want that then tomorrow we will go to bank together okay, after our little excercise” she said.

    “Alright thanks love, you are not even paying me for that video oh” I said.

    “I thought you  won’t ask, I will pay you this weekend” she said.

    “Okay love”

    “You better don’t let Ria hear you mention love oh” she said.

    “Ha, abeg forget Ria joor” I said.

    She drop me in front of my house and then I came down, I watch her revise and speed off, its midnight already so I walk to the house and use my key to open  the door, Ria said they can’t be waiting for me to return every night so she gave me a key, it’s quit helpful self because I prefer everybody sleeping when I return I don’t know why.

    To Be Continued

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