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Must Read: Missing The Gone Love Episode 2

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    Missing The Gone Love Episode 2 
       After saying her good bye to the Williams, Abigail went to the maid quarters and started packing her load. Luckily for her, she didn’t have much so she was able to pack fast and all her clothes were able to fit into her big old suit case.
    After packing, she said her good bye to the other maid, took a last stroll around the mansion, and proceeded to the car waiting for her in front of the mansion. The Williams have asked James to drive her to the bus station.
    After putting her suitcase inside the boot, she slid into the passenger’s seat. As she was about to close the door, someone shouted her name. She looked up towards that direction and saw Mirabel [Michael’s younger sister]. She got down from the car and approached Mirabel who just came back from school.

    Mirabel is in her final year in high school. She’s very close to Abigail and she’s the only one aware that her brother has a crush on Abigail. She used to be the intermediary between both of them until thinks went awkward between Abigail and her brother. Of course, she knew they had already made love. 
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    “Please , don’t tell me you are leaving?” Mirabel asked looking at Abigail hopefully with her big brown eyes.
    “Mirabel, I have to”. Abigail replied.
    “Is it because of my brother?” Mirabel asked disappointed.
    Abigail just exhaled. They were both silent for a while and she later spoke up.  “Not really Mirabel, Your brother has nothing to do with this. I have….. I  just have to go Anna. My mom needs me”. Abigail said.
    Only Mirabel knew about her Mom’s heart condition. She engulfed Abigail in a hug. “Take care Mia. I will miss you”. Anna said.
    “Same here Mirabel, I will miss you too”. Abigail replied.
    “Don’t forget to call me from time to time”. Mia reminded.
    “Don’t worry I will”. Abigail chuckled.
    Abigail took Mia’s hands into hers and whispered, ‘Please do take care of your brother. I don’t really know why he despise me so much [Abigail was already in tears, remembering she’s carrying his child] she continued; Mia please make sure he’s happy”.
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    Mia engulfed Abigail into a hug once more and told her she would do as she said. But Mia refused to believe Abigail was merely leaving to take care of her mother. She was determined to find out if there’s anything more to her leaving.

    To be Continued....

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