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Must Read: Missing The Gone Love Episode 3

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    Missing The Gone Love Episode 3 
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    Abigail alighted at the bus stop of her home town. She didn’t realize how much she missed her home town until she actually got there. Carrying her big old leather suit case, she began to walk towards her house as it was actually a 9 minute walk from the bus stop. When she got in front of her house, she saw that the environment was pretty much the same. She knocked and the door opened revealing her mother, Sarah. 

    Sarah, a 44 year old woman was dressed in a long blue dress and her hair packed in a pony tail. Abigail noticed that her mother had lost so much weight. That the dress she wore even looked like sack on her body.
    Dropping her suit case on the floor beside the door, she engulfed her mother into a tight hug. Her mother hugged her back
    “Abigail my child”, Sarah said while rubbing Abigail’s back. “I miss you.” She whispered.
    “I miss you too mum.” Abigail said. She could not help but cry. “I miss you so much”. She whispered.
    Abigail pulled away from the hug and stared into her mother’s face. “Mom, you look lean. Have you not been eating well?” Abigail asked.
    “I have my dear. i guess it is just normal for me to lose weight with my condition. Why don’t you bring your suit case in and tell me how you have been doing”. Sarah completed.
    Abigail did as she said. She dragged her suit case into the living room and set it down beside the couch and she closed the door.
    Their house was not that big, just something very small and cozy. It’s a two bedroom house with a small living room with a kitchen squeezed in a little corner and a bathroom adjoined with toilet. They don’t pay for the house because it was inherited by Sarah’s husband.
    “Abigail my dear, come over here”. Sarah motioned for Abigail to come seat beside her. Turning her attention to her daughter, she knew something was actually wrong. Her daughter never came home without informing her first.
    “Is there anything you want to tell me”? Sarah asked giving Abigail don’t tell me nothing is wrong look.
    Abigail exhaled. Her mother knew her too well for her to start telling lies. “I quit working for the Williams”. She said out of the blue. 
    Missing The Gone Love. Did you missed any Episode, read it HERE
    Initially, Sarah never wanted her daughter to work as a maid. She wanted Abigail to go to college and have a better life. But since her husband died when her daughter was 10, it became very difficult for them to live comfortably. She did her best by doing 2 jobs per day because she wanted a better future for Abigail. Until she became sick and could no longer work anymore. By then Abigail had finished her high school education. 
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    Being the stubborn child she originally is, Abigail decided to take up a job as a maid. Her mother was against it at first but Abigail ended up persuading her. She told her mother she wanted to use the money for college but deep down, she wanted to use it for her mother’s surgery. To her, her mother is her first priority.
    Alwaya visit 
    “Why? Her mother finally asked her. Why did you quit. Did they treat you bad”?
    “No mom. I just decided that….before Abigail could continue any further; she suddenly felt nauseous and fled to the bathroom. After puking her guts out, she was kind of feeling dizzy so she sat down on the floor for a while. Her mom came in; helped her up, splashed water on her face and helped her rinse her mouth. After which she made Abigail seat at the edge of the bath tub. She then took a seat beside Abigail.
    Deep down, Sarah knew her daughter was pregnant. She looked at Abigail with a sad expression on her face and Abigail broke into tears feeling extremely guilty.”Mom I am sorry”. Abigail apologized while crying.
    Her mom engulfed her into a hug as she continued to cry in her mother’s chest.”I know you are disappointed in me mom. I am so sorry”.  Abigail said feeling so guilty.
    After Abigail’s unending apology, she explained to her mom all that happened between her and Michael and how and why she resigned from the Williams. After explaining herself, Abigail burst into another round of tears crying in her mother’s chest.
    “Abigail look at me”, Sarah said while she took Abigail’s face into her hands using her thumb to wipe away her daughter’s tears. “You are my baby and I cannot be mad at you. My dear, what is done, is done. You have to stop hating yourself. You need to let go of the past and focus on the present”. 
    “Remember, you are not alone, Sarah said while putting her hands on Abigail’s stomach. You have a child growing inside you. My grandchild depends on you Abigail. You need to be strong for him or her”. Sarah completed.
    Abigail could not contain her joy when she heard her mom call her unborn child her grandchild. She pulled her mom back into a tight hug. “Thanks mom. Thank you so much for not judging me”. Abigail said.
    “Who am I to judge you my dear. No one is perfect”. Sarah said after which she gave Abigail a kiss on her forehead.
    “You need to eat something dear, my grandchild must be hungry’’. Sarah said while standing up as she pulled Abigail up along with her. “Just take a shower and i will make us dinner okay”. Sarah said as she exited the bathroom.
    When Sarah went out of the bathroom, Abigail pulled off her clothes to take a shower......

    What happened nest will blow your mind...
    Watch out for the next Episode

    To be Continued.....

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