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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 162

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    I enter the house and lock the door as I met it, I check the dinning, they prepared fried egg and yam for me, I didn’t want to eat but seeing this I changed my mind, I cover it back and walk to my room upstairs, I kept the money inside my bag and then remove my clothes remaining only my shot, I took my phone and walk down the stairs again, I was doing everything gently so that I won’t wake up anybody, I don’t even want them to wake at all, i think it will be better this way because anytime I see any of them my mind will skip as if am a criminal, I don’t know really know why and to say the truth if they will allow me, I will just go and look for one room to rent, I prefer staying alone and I will be more comfortable, I think I will discuss it with Ria after she pay me this month end.

    I sat on the dinning table and started eating the yam and fried egg, it taste delicious and I wonder who cooked it, I don’t care anyway, I ate everything and then return the plate to the kitchen, the kitchen look rough as usual so I help myself by arranging the kitchen and I also wash the dirty plates, after the work I went to the sitting room to sit, I will take my bath later but first let me call my mum.

    I put my two legs on the table and sit down like king, I on the TV and reduce the volume, I dial my mum’s number and she pick it up.

    “Hello” she answered.

    “Mum” I said.

    “Ozes, how are you dear?” She ask.

    “Am fine mum and you”

    “Am very fine, your brothers are worried about you including your sisters, they are all worried are you sure you don’t want me to give them your number?”

    “No mum, please don’t, I will visit them anytime I return” I said.

    “Okay then how is life over there I hope you are coming soon”

    “I will come when am done here, I need your account number I want to send you money to keep for me, you can use some from it” I said.

    “ozes how did you get the money are you working?” She ask.

    To Be Continued... 

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