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Must Read: Missing The Gone Love Episode 10

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    Missing The Gone Love Episode10 

    Monday morning came and Michael and Peace drove to the office together. They had a little fight this morning. Michael didn't want Peace to come to work today. But she claims she's feeling fine already and he does not have to worry. She does not want people to think just because she's engaged to the Boss, she skips work anyhow she likes. Michael allowed Peace to come to work because she promised him that if she gets unwell, she will go back home. 

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    Peace entered her office and noticed a brown envelop has been delivered to her table. She smiled at that. She could now bring her plan to action. The Personal Investigator had indeed done a good work.  She took the brown envelop from her desk and toss it into her drawer. She will check it later. Probably, during her lunch break as she has to get to work for now.Her lunch break came and she got the brown envelop from her drawer and Opened it. Hoping she would find something reasonable there. Peace brought out the white paper in the envelop and began to read about Abigail.
    What??? She works at Damon Inc? As Damon Secretary? She asked herself in disbelief.
    How come? Does Damon know about this? Of course he should. He was the one who told me about Abigail right? What a deceitful friend. She said while shaking her head. I need to talk to him as soon as possible. She said to herself and continue to read the remaining information on the paper. 

    TWINS??? Her eyes almost popped out at that. Abigail? Twins? How come? "Did this guy investigate on the right person?" She asked herself seeing that there might be a mistake somewhere. Maybe the guy had gone to investigate the wrong Abigail Carson. She seemed to calm down when she saw Abigail's marital status which was Single. She had a sense of hope that her plan might still work. She really admired Abigail's strength for being a single mother of two.
    "Who is the twin's father?" Could it be Michael? She asked herself. The personal Investigator did not put the twin's age there so she could not estimate if there is any possibility that they are Michael's children. But if they really are, It's going to be a bonus to her plan. She stood up from her table and grabbed her purse and car keys and went out of her office to Michael's Office.
    "Honey, is anything the matter? Are you feeling sick again?" Michael asked immediately Peace stepped into his office. [worry evident in his voice].
    "I'm fine dear". Peace replied. “I need to see Damon to discuss a few things with him”.
    "Is anything the matter?" Michael asked raising an eyebrow. “I can just call Damon to come here instead’’. Liam said.
    "No Michael that won't be necessary. You don't have to worry. I just want to discuss a few things with him. I will soon be back".
    Michael sighed in defeat. "Okay then, call me if you need anything". He said while working towards her and giving her a quick kiss.
    "I will." She said with a smile and exited for Damon's office. 


    "Does your best friend and Fiancee know that you are actually keeping a great secret from them?" Peace said in a sing song voice while entering Damon's office and taking a seat in front of him.
    "Hey! Peace! What a pleasant surprise. You didn't tell me you were coming to visit today." Damon said while going over to her, to give her a hug.
    "Yeah, I didn't plan to. It was sort of an emergency’’, Lucy said.
    "So, is anything the matter?" Damon asked. Trying to avoid the first statement she made when she first entered his office.
    "I came here because I found out Abigail works here". Lucy said boldly.
    "And????" Damon asked.
    Peace exhaled. "I'm so sorry if I sound kind of rude Damon". Lucy said, looking at Damon apologetically.  "It's just that...[She leaned towards Damon's table and whispered something to him for almost 2 minutes].
    "Oh my God, How can you keep such a big secret to yourself?" Damon asked furiously.
    She just shrugged. "I guess that's why I was so determined to find out about Abigail's whereabout". 

    "And you? Since how long have you known about Abigail?" She asked.
    "Well, at first, when she came for interview, she looked so familiar and I just had the need to hire and protect her. Just this weekend, I found out who she actually is and confronted her. She never intends on letting Michael know about her where about. She asked me to promise her that I won't tell anyone her secret which I did. But trust me, she's really hurt and I don't think she will ever want to go back with Michael ". Damon said.
    "And the twins? are they his ?" She asked hopefully.
    Damon nodded and She breathed a sigh of relief.
    "Maybe I will just talk to her and see if I can convince her". She said. Looking at Damon if that's actually a good suggestion. 

    "I guess you can. Maybe she will listen to you". Damon said. He stood up from his chair and went over to her and engulfed her in a hug.  "I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry." Damon whispered in her ear, trying his best to hold back his tears.
    "it's going to be all right". She said assuring Damon. "That’s why I want to spend my last days happy and make things right".
    Peace pulled out of the hug and squeezed Damon's hand. "I guess it's time to see Abigail. Hopefully, she will be able to listen to me". She said and Damon nodded.
    She picked up her purse and followed Damon as they head for Abigail's office. 


    "I will just be in my office in case you need anything". Damon said one last time before walking out of Abigail's office. The environment was very quite and tense. Damon had already introduced Abigail to Lucy and Lucy to Abigail.
    Abigail was very nervous. She had never imagined she will be facing Michael’s fiancee. At least, not this soon. But she still managed to compose herself and just listen to what Lucy had to say.
    "Abigail, you need not be scared. Trust me, am here with good intentions". Peace said.
    Abigail exhaled at that. A sigh of relief.
    Peace began talking. "You see Abigail, when you left, Michael was in a very bad shape. Immediately after his masters, he was meant to resume as the CEO. But he didn't because he was physically and mentally unstable. When he finally showed up at the office, he drowned himself into work and locked himself out of every social life."
    "I had a crush on him. Since the first time I saw him." She paused then continued. "But he never noticed me even though I was his secretary and had more access to him than all other workers. Instead, It was his best friend [Damon] who noticed and told me all about his past which includes you. After hearing the whole story, I promised to help him be the happy guy he used to be, Of course it happened with the help of Damon. We dated for two years and after that we got engaged. And I recently got pregnant which I know you must have heard about". She completed. 

    "Why are you telling me all these?" Abigail asked believing there's more to this story.
    Peace continued. "You see, even though, Michael tells me every time that he loves me, I know it's a lie. I know he still has a spot for you in his heart. He just only cares about me".  "You see Abigail, I'm a sickle cell patient and my days on earth are numbered". She said as tears begin to run down her face.
    Abigail covered her mouth with her right hand, her eyes as wide as saucers. "Oh my God I’m so sorry" She whispered.
    Peace nodded and continued. "Apart from me being a sicklier, I have a heart disease and because of my health condition, the doctor told me to avoid getting pregnant as it would aggravate my health condition as am not fit and proper to carry a baby." She said. "The doctor advised that, if at all I want to have sex, I should make sure the person I’m having contact with wears a condom as am unable to take pills because of my condition". By this time, both she and Abigail were crying. 

    She continued. "I guess I was too stubborn to listen to the Doctor's advice. I just wanted to spend my remaining days on earth being happy. When I heard I was Pregnant. I was so excited and sad at the same time. Excited because, I have the privilege of getting pregnant, the feeling you get when you have a child growing in your womb. The feeling money can't buy.  And I was sad because everything is only temporary as i have few days left to live. Who knows i might be dead by this time tomorrow." Lucy said while shrugging her shoulder.
    Abigail stood up from her chair and pulled her from where she was sitting and hugged her very tight. "I'm so sorry Lucy." Abigail said while crying uncontrollable tears. She really feels so sorry for Peace. "Is there anything I can do to help?" Abigail asked giving Peace a promising look.
    Peace chuckled and shook her head. "I don't think so Abigail, she whispered. That’s my fate and I just have to accept it." She replied.
    "But I guess you can help Michael". She said while Abigail gave her a don't even go there look. 

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    They both sat down on the couch and turned their attention to each other. Peace continued talking. " You see, I love Liam so much and I really want him to be happy while am gone. And I know he can only be happy with you. When I realized my days are numbered, I made it my duty to unite the both of you so I hired a private investigator, he said it might take long as the details I gave him was not enough to easily locate you. I got the results of the investigation this morning and that's why am here". 

    "I really feel sad because Michael will be broken. He's so much excited about being a father and I can't give him the child he wants.' He doesn't even know about my condition, I have the intention of telling him today and i just pray he takes it well." Lucy completed.
    Peace took Abigail's hands into hers and looked straight into her eyes. "Please tell him about the twins, he deserves to know. I promise you, he's going to be a good father to them". Lucy said with pleading eyes. She then continued. "I know you have suffered a lot. Trust me, Liam has suffered too and he has learnt his lesson"."You see, this is destiny and we can't fight it. I just want to die happy knowing the both of you are together as one big and happy family. I will try my best not to reveal you to Liam myself but promise me you will think about all that I have said." She asked Abigail and Abigail just nodded. 

    "I have to go. I have overstayed and Michael will be worried about me now" Lucy said. She gave Abigail one last hug and went out of her office. Lucy told Damon goodbye and said she will keep in touch with him. She drove out of Damon Inc feeling fulfilled. She has done her own part and hopes Abigail make it right with Liam but right now she has to talk some sense into Liam. 

    To Be Continued...

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