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Must Read: Missing The Gone Love Episode 11

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    Missing The Gone Love Episode11

    "Is it confusion? Regret? Hurt? Anger? Sadness?"
    Even Michael himself could not find any adjective to describe the way he's feeling right now.
    Michael, Damon and Peace are currently in Peace’s apartment.  She and Damon had already planned to tell Liam the truth which they did after they had their dinner. She told Liam about her sickness and how she won't be able to give him the baby he wants and about her confrontation with Abigail earlier today.  Damon also talked about what he knows about the whole issue. But they both left out the part that he was a father of Two already. Damon and Peace decided it's not their place to tell him about Abigail's twins. They will leave that to Abigail.
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    While they were talking, he could not say anything because he didn't know what to say."Why didn't you tell me you were sick?" He managed to say as a tear slip from his eyes. The thought of losing her and his unborn child was killing him already. "If you had told me all these earlier, we could have done something. Made an appointment with the best doctor and found solution". Michael said facing Peace who sat across him on the dining table.

    " Michael trust me, there was nothing that could be done. I just didn't tell anyone because I don't want anyone to get all worried about me. I just wanted to spend my last days happy." She replied.
    "How will I even approach Abigail? After all what have done to her?" Michael asked Damon.
    Damon walked close to Michael until they were few centimeters apart from each other. "Peace never told anyone anything because she didn't want anyone to look at her with pity. I know it pains you that you won't be able to see your child, but trust me, Lucy is not happy with that too. But this is destiny and we cannot change it. She has few days left to live. She wants to see you happy before she dies. That's why she approached Abigail earlier on today." Damon paused then continued.
    Michael nodded. "As for Abigail, am sure things will be fine. Both of you were victims of what happened. She has a kind heart talk to her. I'm sure she will understand". Damon said and handed Michael a paper. "Take this, it's Abigail's address. Go talk to her and try to win her back".
    Michael pulled his best friend into a hug. "Thanks so much Damon." He put the paper in his pocket and went Peace sitting on the floor beside the couch, dragged her up and pulled her into a hug.
    "Forgive me Lucy. Please forgive me." Liam pleaded.
    He pulled away from the hug and looked into her teary eyes his hands still on her shoulders. "No matter what happens Lucy, I will forever remember you. You made me who I am today. You helped me move on when I thought the whole world was against me. You also filled my life with laughter. You are still and will always remain a special person to me, never forget that." He said.
    She nodded and engulfed Michael into another hug. She was so overwhelmed by Liam's word. She could not cry anymore because she was tired of crying. She just wants everyone to be happy and spend her last days happy.
    Michael pulled away from the hug and knelt down, facing her belly. He put his right hand on her belly and said. "If you were to be a girl, I would have wanted you to be called Rachael and if a boy, Raphael. You see, your mom and i are so sad that we won't be able to see you and watch you grow. I just want to thank you for coming into our lives. No matter what happens, you will forever remain in daddy's heart and I will love you forever." He completed and kissed her belly. He stood up, saw her smiling and pulled her into a hug once more.
    "Go meet Abigail and make things right with her." She whispered. He smiled and nodded.


    "So what are you going to do?" Victoria [Abigail's best friend] asked Abigail while placing a cup of coffee in front of Abigail and sat opposite her at the Kitchen counter.
    "To be honest, I don't know". Abigail said looking very confused and tired of life.
    "I think you should get across to Michael as soon as possible". She suggested.
    "Oh no, not again". Abigail groaned. Already having headache from the whole drama she had already experienced today.
    "Are you actually scared? Of facing Michael?’’ She asked because she does not seem to understand her friend anymore.
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    "I don't know ? maybe?" Abigail Shrugged.
    "It's just that, Seeing him after five years, after he refused to talk to me and rejected me...arghhh I don't even want to imagine". Abigail trailed off.
    "Common, it might not be that bad". Victoria said, trying to encourage Abigail. The earlier she settles things, the quicker she has peace of mind.
    "Really, you just think so". Abigail chuckled. "Facing Michael is not really my problem. it's just bringing the kids involved. I don't want them to get hurt. That's all". Abigail said.
    "That shouldn't be a problem Abigail. According to what Peace told you, I'm sure he will be a good father and will not try to hurt the twins" said Victoria.
    "You still have feelings for him. Don't you?" Victoria asked out of the blue.
    Abigail's eyes widen at that question and she quickly gulp down her coffee and said "Don't even go there Victoria". She said.
    "You still do, don't you?" She asked again. She knew Abigail has always been and is still very much in love with that so called Michael Williams.
    "I don't know, I really don't know". Abigail answered. "Even if I do, I don't think I can ever give him another chance. He hurt me really bad and what assurance do I have that he won't hurt me again". Abigail completed.
    She stood up from her stool, went over to where Abigail sat across her, engulfed her in a hug and whispered something into her ear. "Please think about it". Victoria said before she proceeded into the guestroom and left Abigail with her own thought.
    Abigail was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of the doorbell. She wondered who it was, as she was not expecting anyone. She reluctantly jumped down from the stool and went ahead to open the door.
    Lo and behold. The last person she ever wanted to see. Here he was. Standing in front of her.
    "Michael Williams." 


    Abigail still could not believe Michael was standing before her. The guy whom she had never stopped loving and thinking about. The father of her wonderful babies. He looked so....different and even more handsome.
    Michael could not help but notice Abigail too. Standing in front of him with her office clothes and her hair in a messy bun, she looked very matured. Making her look so hot and sexy. She has truly changed. She was no longer the Abigail he knew five years ago.
    They stared at each other for what felt like hours before Michael finally broke their staring contest.
    "Hi Abigail". Michael said
    Abigail shivered at the mention of her name. No doubt he still has a great effect on her but she is not ready to give into that. She refused to be the weak girl she used to be. She refused to reply Michael's greeting. She just folded her arms below her breast and gave Michael that "I don't know what you are doing here look".
    "Abigail please I need to speak to you, can I at least come in?" Michael asked again.
    "No." Abigail replied sternly shaking her head in a negative way.
    Michael exhaled and ran his right hand over his head.  "I'm totally in for it today." He muttered to himself.
    "There's nothing to talk about?" Abigail finally said.
    "Abby, you have every right to be angry with me but can you please hear me out. I promise not to take too much of your time." Michael said.
    Abigail kept staring at him, deciding on whether to hear him out or not.
    "Please". Michael whispered hopefully.
    "Fine" Abigail answered reluctantly. "But not here, let me get my jacket and we will find somewhere to talk". She replied Michael.
    After Abigail had grabbed her jacket from her room, She was about closing her room door when Victoria appeared in front of her.
    "please try and settle things amicably with him and tell him about the twins. He deserves to know". Victoria said with pleading eyes."Abigail just exhaled and shook her head. No doubt her best friend have been eavesdropping.
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    "I will try". Abigail said and Victoria gave her a good luck hug.
    Soon enough, Michael and Abigail saw themselves walking towards the park. They were walking in silence, side by side, though the distance between them was very obvious. They got to the pack and took their seat on a bench. They both faced each other, waiting for the first person to start the conversation. Which Michael did.
    "Abigail I know what I did five years ago was truly unforgivable. I'm so sorry." Michael said.
    "Are you truly sorry or you are just doing this because Peace talked you into it?" Abigail asked.
    Michael chuckled. Abigail was really angry and he couldn't blame her because she had the right to.
    "No. I'm really sorry for all I did to you. I was just very childish. Trust me, If I could turn back time to make amends. I would." Michael said.
    "You see, when you first started working for us at the mansion, i was very much attracted to you. I tried to ignore my feelings and believe me, it was very hard for me. With you, i felt what have never felt for anyone before. After the wonderful night we spent together, I felt guilty, I felt I took advantage of you as a maid and I regretted my actions. I had no idea if you felt the same way I did or it’s just only me. I was in conflict with myself and I don’t really know why I wrote that damn letter’’. He paused then continued. “Trust me Abigail, I did not mean each and every word I wrote there." Michael completed.
    "And you want me to believe that? Abigail questioned."If at all Peace is not dying. Would you still have married her? Or is it because She's dying, you now want to use me as a supplement so as not to be lonely". Abigail asked as politely as possible.
    Michael sighed.
    "Abigail, one thing i know is that what I feel for you, have never felt for anyone. Not even Peace. But I do care for her a lot and she knows that." Michael paused then continued. I never knew about her condition all along. She is a very good person and she doesn't deserve what she's going through. But this is life and we have to go with it. I just want to make her last days memorable." Michael said.
    "Why did you quit working for us? Was it because of me? Michael asked Abigail looking guilty.
    "Not really, I had to go because my mom was sick and I had to take care of her." Abigail said.
    Michael nodded. "My mom said so. She told me she had a feeling you were lying that, that was not the main reason why you left. She felt you were hiding something." He said.
    "Yeah she's right." Abigail clarified. She exhaled. "I left because I found out I was pregnant." She said while looking everywhere else except Michael.
    Liam could not believe his hears.
    " were pregnant?" Michael asked surprised.
    "With your baby." Abigail confirmed.
    They were both silent for a while. Abigail was nervous because Michael had not said anything.
    "Twins. A boy and a girl." Abigail said.
    Michael was still in shock but he managed to ask the first question that came to his mind.
    "How are they?" Michael asked.
    "Good." Abigail answered firmly and Michael exhaled a sigh of relief. Abigail just sat there watching him fighting with his internal thoughts, She knew everything seems to be a surprise for him, so she decided not to talk any further and give him some minutes to absolve the news.He removed his face from his palm and faced Abigail. He was about to say something but was cut off by his phone which was ringing. He picked his phone out from his pocket and answered the call. "Hello." He said to the other side.
    Abigail wondered who had called Michael because when he picked the call, he stood up and was pacing up and down, listening to what the other person was saying and his face full with worry. "Is anything the problem?" Abigail asked immediately Michael cut the call [worry evident in her voice].
    " Peace..., She's bleeding..............." Michael said.

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    It was Damon who called Michael, Informing him that Peace was bleeding and after Michael told Abigail the news, she volunteered to go with him to the hospital.
    "So what did the doctor say?'" Liam asked, clearly worried.
    "Nothing much. He just said they needed to operate on her which would take a couple of hours." Damon replied.
    Then three of them sat down on the couch, drown in their thoughts of the possibility of what could happen. They could only hope and pray for one thing. A miracle.
    "Does anyone know about all of these, apart from me, you, Peace and Liam?" Abigail asked a worried Damon who was seating beside her.
    "No. no one knows except the four of us" Damon replied.
    "But have called her mom. She stays in New York. But she said she would be here as soon as possible." Damon said.
    Abigail nodded.
    "Family of Miss Peace please?" A male doctor around his late 30's announced while walking towards the waiting room.
    Michael rushed to the Doctor's front and said. " We are here. please can you tell us what is wrong?" He asked breathlessly while Abigail and Damon joined him.
    Michael knew he might not like what might come out of the Doctor's mouth but he has to know what was going on. The doctor has this unreadable expression on his face so he couldn't tell if he should be expecting good or bad news.
    "Peace is fine. The doctor paused then continued. But she lost the baby. To be very sincere, i thought we would loose them both. Even i don't know how it happened but i consider it to be a miracle. We have transferred her to the recovery room. Only one person is allowed to stay with her for the night and others can come back during visiting hours tomorrow. Once again i'm very sorry for your loss." The doctor said and disappeared from their front.
    Michael took a seat on the couch. Abigail and Damon sat beside him making Michael be in the middle. It was so obvious that he wasn't okay at all. ' the feeling of loosing a child, it hurts more than you can ever imagine'. Abigail shifted closer to Michael and cupped his face in her hands. "Its going to be fine. Okay" Abigail said. She could see him on the verge of tears. He looked so Vulnerable. She couldn't control herself so she pulled him into a hug.
    A sad smile found its way to Damon's face. He was happy they have settled their differences.
    Abigail and Damon gave Michael a final hug before they exited the hospital. They both promised to visit the next day.


    After Damon and Abigail left the hospital, Michael went to see Peace in her ward. When he entered the room, He was welcomed by the beeping sound of the monitor. And he saw Peace who was sleeping on the medium size hospital bed.
    Michael shut the door and proceeded to where Peace was and kissed her forehead. He took a seat on the chair beside her bed and took her hand right hand in his. "Her hand was so warm." Michael said to himself and he kissed the back of her palm. He kept on caressing her hand until his eyes grew heavy. He rested his back on the chair and dozed off.
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    "Michael." A very weak voice called. Michael quickly got up from the chair and sat on the bed beside Peace. It was Peace who called his name.
    "I know you love her and i could see it in her eyes that she feels the same. Both of you are perfect for each other, Don't throw that away and the two of you will forever be bound by the twins. She needs you as much as you need her. But you have a lot to do if you truly want to win her back. You have to make her trust you and let her know that this is a changed Michael." Peace said while Michael nodded trying to process everything he's being told.
    "What about us?" Michael Whispered.
    "Do you think there can still be an US when your heart belongs to someone else." Peace said while she chuckled.
    "You know i care about you a lot right." Michael assured Peace while looking at her intently.
    Peace smiled and replied "Yeah. i know you".
    One week and three days later.
    Peace was discharged three days after the operation and was recommended a two weeks bed rest by the doctor. She was being taken care of by her mom who rushed down from new York.
    Since then, Michael makes sure he visit Peace at least once a day and calls her regularly to check on her. Stanley and Sandra also visited Peace after Michael explained all the situation to them. Thankfully his parents did not get angry that much. They felt kind of sad for everything they all have to go through. No doubt they were all victims of the situation.
    Michael have not contacted Abigail since their last conversation. He was having a hard time adjusting to everything which seems new to him. He finally made a move and asked Abigail out earlier today to have dinner with him. He plans to talk things out with her which leaves him standing now in front of Abigail's apartment.+
    Michael adjusted his suit and pressed the bell. Seconds later, The door was opened, revealing Abigail in a sexy outfit.
    "Hi." Michael said with a smile.
    "Hi." Abigail said back.
    "You ready?" Michael asked.
    "Sure." Abigail replied. She stepped out of her apartment and closed the door behind her.
    When they got to the car, Michael opened the door for Abigail to enter before he ran off to the driver's seat and drove off.The drive to the restaurant was so quite. Abigail kept herself busy by just looking at the beautiful street of London through the window. Few minutes later, they got to the restaurant. Michael got down from the car and went to the other side to open the door for Abigail. She muttered a small 'thank you' to him. Michael just smiled and took her hands in his as he led her into the restaurant. Both of them not failing to notice the tangling sensation.
    After the waitress showed them their table, Michael pulled out the chair for Abigail to seat before taking a seat opposite her.Michael leaned forward and whispered something to Abigail.
    The waiter came and asked for their order. Abigail and Michael decides to have wine for now and after their conversation, they will have their dinner.The waiter nodded and served them the wine.
    "Can you please tell me about the twins?" Michael begged. He was dying to know about his children. Abigail could see the eagerness in his eyes.
    "Sure." Abigail said. (she brought out her phone)She explained the details of every picture as she scrolled from one to another.
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    "Abby, i know i'm an horrible person. I have never been there for you and my children. But i want to take up that responsibility now. I want to be there for you and the twins. Please can you give me one more chance to make up for my mistake?" Michael asked with pleading eyes.
    There was few seconds of silence between them as Abigail was thinking of what to say. She exhaled and finally said  "You can meet them tomorrow and we will see how things go from there."
    Michael was so happy with her reply. He couldn't control his joy. he stood up and kissed her on her fore head. He knew Abigail kind of gave him a vague reply but he was happy he will finally meet his children tomorrow and he promise to do all he can to make Abigail his.He have never been so determined in his life. All he knows is that, he never plan on screwing up this chance.

    To Be Continued...

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