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Must Read: Missing The Gone Love Episode 12

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    Missing The Gone Love Episode12 
       Michael slept and woke up with a huge smile on his face. After he had dropped Abigail home yesterday, he went back to his apartment and called it a day. When he even laid down to sleep, He found it hard to sleep as Abigail's face kept popping up as he closed his eyes. The way she was laughing at his jokes during their dinner and all. She looked so beautiful and he felt fulfilled seeing her smile.He was looking forward to seeing her again the next day and most importantly, seeing his children. They look very beautiful in the pictures Abigail had showed him and he can't wait so see them in person. He still could not believe he and Abigail made such beautiful babies.In order to force himself to sleep, he had to start counting 500 from the back till he fell asleep.

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    Michael woke up around ten the next morning. He went to the kitchen and made himself some coffee before grabbing his laptop to do some work. After he was done, he called his sister Mia, who happened to be at his parents house for the weekend. He told her about his dinner with Abigail yesterday and how he's meeting the twins today.She was so happy and shouted for joy. She was happy her brother was finally making a move after days of her and Peace persuading him. Though she promised Abigail she will come see the twins after they bumped into each other at Peace's place. She hadn't had time to see them because she was busy with work. Stanley and Sandra cannot wait to see the twins either.After the call with Mia, Michael went to freshen up and put on some casual clothes.He got out of his apartment and drove to Abigail's place.
    When he got there. He got very anxious to even get out of the car. Michael found this so strange. He was the one who couldn't wait for the moment to come and now the moment is here and he couldn't believe he's panicking.Michael picked up his phone and dialled Mia again.
    "Hello, have you seen them already? Oh please tell me they look like me. Did you tell them that their aunt Mia is dying to see them?" Mia asked at a go.6
    "Calm down miss. have not even seen them yet." Michael said.
    "Is anything the matter?" Mia asked.
    "I'm in front of her apartment but i'm afraid to go in." Michael said.
    "No way. you gotta be kidding me." Mia replied him.
    "But what if they don't like me?" Michael asked her, using that as a defence for not going in.
    "Oh Michael, stop assuming. Of course they will like you. You are their father, trust me, they will." Mia assured him.
    He exhaled."okay. got to go." He said.
    "Yeah bro. just be brave and gist me how it goes later okay. love you." Mia said and ended the call.
    "This is it." Michael told himself and got down from the car, not forgetting to take the present he bought for the twins. He pressed the bell when he got in front of Abigail's door.Abigail opened the door and Liam saw her wearing a sexy tank top and a denim shorts with her hair in a messy burn. She looked hot and doesn't even look like a mother of two already.
    Abigail blushed when she realised Michael was checking her out. Well to her, he didn't look bad also. "Hi." Abigail said with a welcoming smile as if she had been waiting for him to come.
    "Heyyy." Michael replied her with a smile.
    "Will you keep staring at me or would you mind coming in." Abigail said boldly still smiling.
    "Sure." Michael said while Abigail opened the door wider for him to come in.After Michael entered, he waited few steps away from the door. Abigail locked the door behind her and ushered him in.Michael was very impressed. Her place was beautiful. Since he has been coming here, this is the first time Abigail had allowed him in.
    "So i guess you are ready to meet them." Abigail said while ushering him to the living room and telling him to take a seat. She also did not fail to notice the present he brought which she assumed was for the twins.
    "To be honest. i'm kind of nervous." Michael confessed.
    "I can imagine." Abigail chuckled. "Give me a minute, let me go get them." Abigail told him and he nodded.
    Abigail went to her room to get the twins. Before he came, the twins were cuddling with Abigail on her bed, watching their cartoon. That's actually their Saturday routine. Soon enough, Abigail was back with the twins and they were all standing in front of Michael. She noticed her babies were on their shy behaviour. Abigail bent down to the kids level and Michael followed suit. And then she began the introduction.
    "Michael, This is Raphael and Rachael . Abigail said to Michael while pointing towards the twins."
    Michael noticed his kids really looked more beautiful in person. Raphael looked exactly like him when he was his age and Rachael looks more like her mother but she has his eyes.
    "Rachael , Raphael , this is Michael, your daddy." Abigail said to the them. Michael did not know what to do. He didn't want to fuck up, meeting his children for the first time.
    "Hi." Michael said to them, giving them a charming smile. Before he could even comprehend what was going on, they rushed towards him and gave him a tight hug. At that moment. Michael felt fulfilled. A tear even fell from his eyes but he quickly wipe them off. This is one of the moments, he will never forget in his life or trade for anything
    Abigail smiled at their reunion.
    "We miss you daddy." Raphael said while pulling away from the hug. What???? Michael felt as if his heart was going to burst with so much joy. His baby just called him daddy. He swore to himself he would forever cherish this moment.
    "We thought you wee never come for us daddy." Rachael said.
    Michael smiled."I'm here now and I promise not to ever leave both of you again." Michael said as he stroked Rachael's curly hair.
    "You promise?" Raphael asked to be sure.
    "Yes i do." he affirmed.
    "We love you daddy." The twins said in unison and pulled Michael into a hug which he returned.
    "I got a surprise for the both of you," he said while pulling away from the hug. He gave each of the their gift and he also helped them in opening in. +
    "HATCHIMALS!!!!" The twins screamed with joy. They ran towards him and hugged him again. "We love it Daddy. Thank you." They said in Unison.
    Michael spent the rest of the day with them, knowing Raphael and Rachael better. The twins were eager to show him their room and all the toys they had which they eventually did.
    When it was time for lunch, Abigail made lunch and they all ate as one big and happy family. After which the twins insisted that their mummy and daddy should play hide and seek with them. It was a game between the ladies and gents. Abigail and Rachael against Michael and Raphael. It was really a memorable day for the four of them.
    After the meal, she took them to shower. She took Raphael to his room and changed him into his night clothes. While Michael did the same for Lenora in her room. They also tucked them into bed then went downstairs to talk.
    Abigail smiled. "Rachael really likes you." She said.
    "And i love her too." Michael replied.
    "Thanks for showing up today. They had so much fun." Abigail said.
    "I should actually be the one thanking you for allowing me see them and i really enjoyed spending time with them too. Michael said and she nodded.
    "Umm Abigail can i ask you something?" He said while scratching the back of his head.
    "Sure." Abigail replied.
    "I was wondering if you and the twins would come along with me to my parents house tomorrow. We are having a family dinner. Damon, Peace, Mia and Jacob will be there too and if you want Victoria can come with us." Michael said.He hopes Abigail accept his offer. His parents have been dying to see her and the twins. Besides since tomorrow is Sunday, he also want to spend time with the twins too so that would be a perfect opportunity.
    "Sure. we will come." Abigail asked. But as soon as she said that statement, she became a lit bit worried. Michael sensed that and ask. "Are you okay?"
    Abigail nodded. "Your parents. I dont know if they would be happy to see me." Abigail said and Michael immediately understood what she meant.
    "You don't have to worry about that Abby. They understand everything. They will be happy to see you and i assure you, They are dying to see the twins also." He said, trying to sound convincing as possible.
    "Okay. We will be there." Abigail said.
    "Good. I will come pick you guys up." he said with a wide smile. "I guess its time for me to go." He said while standing up. Abigail stood up too. A part of her was sad that Michael was leaving already but she covered it up with a smile. "At least she will be seeing him tomorrow, She said to herself." She escorted Liam to the door and he pulled her into a hug after which he kissed her forehead. The two lovebirds kept on staring at each other. Their face was so close. For a second, Abigail was waiting for it to happen, She was hoping Michael would kiss her.
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    Michael also wanted to kiss her badly but he did all he could to control it. Abigail had just given him another chance and he did not want to rush anything or screw up.
    They kept at it until a loud voice brought them out of their trance. "Am i interrupting anything." The voice said. Michael and Abigail looked back at the other side and saw a smiling Victoria . Abigail quickly composed herself as if nothing was happening. "Michael, meet Victoria and Victoria meet Michael." Abigail said, introducing the two strangers.
    "Its nice to meet you Victoria ." he said while stretching his hands to give her a shake which she gladly accepted.
    "And you too." she replied.
    "Thanks for always been there for Abigail and the twins. The twins really said a lot about you." Michael said gratefully.
    "Sure what are friends for?" Abigail shrugged.
    "Will take my leave now." He said while putting his hands in his pocket.
    "Thanks for coming." Abigail said.
    Michael nodded and told her "Will see you tomorrow."
    'Bye Victoria .' he said and left for his Car.
    Today went so much better than he had expected. He had a very good time with his children and Abigail. He couldn't wait to see them the next day.

    To Be Continued 
    One More Episode Left!

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