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Must Read: Missing The Gone Love Episode 5

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    Missing The Gone Love Episode5

    ......5 Years Later........

    A lot has occurred during this five year period.
    After Sarah’s surgery, which was a successful one, Abigail was able to start college. She went for her passion to study business Administration.  She wants to be that very independent woman who will be able to provide for her twins.
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    At first, when the doctor told Abigail that she was expecting twins, she could not believe it. She was furious. Abigail was still finding it difficult to accept the fact that she was actually expecting a baby. And it turned out she was expecting twins!! With the help of her mother, Abigail was able to cope during the period of her pregnancy. Her mother kept up with her morning sickness, mood swings and cravings. Sometimes, Abigail wished Michael was there for her and the babies. She knew this can never happen because Michael will never want anything to do with her.  She also missed the Williams, most especially Mia.  She stopped calling them as soon as she found out she was having twins because she couldn’t bring herself to lie to them anymore, pretending everything alright. She decided it was time to move on and forget about them.
    She started her college program when she was three months pregnant. After spending for her mom’s surgery, she gathered all the money she had left, including the bonus she was being given by Robert Williams. She then decided to divide the money into two. She gave her mom half of it to open a small store and start a business, while she used the other half for her college.
    During the time of college, she was always on her own. Besides the fact that she was kind of shy, Abigail also felt that no one would love to associate with a pregnant fresher so she decided to keep to herself. As time went by, Abigail made a new friend called Victoria. She was glad Victoria understood her situation at that time and never judged her. She introduced Abigail to her parents and they accepted Abigail as their daughter. Victoria’s parents were not that rich but they were comfortable.
    She also assisted Abigail and covered up for her in school when Abigail falls sick and couldn’t make it for lectures. Victoria would take notes for Abigail and sign her name for her on the attendance list and even forge her signature where she was to sign. Then after class, she would go straight to Abigail’s house, give her the notes, explain to her and fill her up with the gist that happened in class. Abigail felt so blessed to have a friend like Victoria.
    Abigail was able to go through her painful labour with the help of her mom, Victoria and of course Victoria’s mother. She gave birth to an adorable set of twins at the General Hospital in their town. Raphael Williams 6 pounds 5 ounces and Rachael Williams 6 pounds 2 ounces. A boy and a girl. Abigail loves the name Raphael. Her baby boy was her Warrior. He was given birth to with some complications in which they had to stay in the hospital for a few more days. She was afraid she was going to lose him but he proved her wrong. It was not easy taking care of her twins but her mom, Victoria and her mom were always there to help.
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    Few months after the birth of her twins, Abigail and Victoria took a part time job at a restaurant together. Abigail was saving the money in order to be able to continue her college and also for the twin’s expenses.  And Victoria was also saving up for her Masters. Abigail and Victoria graduated with a first class degree in business Administration earlier this year.  A month after the graduation, Victoria went for her masters in New York.  For Abigail, she couldn’t afford a masters degree now. Her babies are her number one priority. She wants to get a job and provide them with a better life. After searching online for any vacancy, Abigail finally found one position she can manage which is the secretary to the CEO of Damon Inc. It’s a well known cooperation in United Kingdom. And it comes with lots of benefits too.  Abigail prayed she got the position because being a secretary to Damon who was the CEO will mean a lot.  She could learn a lot from him and she was sure as hell that if she happens to resign over there, she won’t have to struggle for job again because of the good reference she would have gotten from Damon Inc. So Abigail prayed that she got the job.
    So here she is, back in the city of London. The place that brought back memories. She really hopes and pray she never bump into any of the Williams most especially Michael.
    Abigail couldn’t afford a flight from Aylesbury town to London so she took a bus instead. She didn’t care if the bus took more time than a flight will take. That’s why she left her home town earlier to meet up with the date of her interview. She wasn’t even sure she will be hired so why wasting her coins for a flight ticket.  She really hoped she gets this position as the offer is very good. When Abigail arrived at the hotel, she was very tired so she decided to take a shower and get ready for her interview the next day. After sorting her clothes and shoes for the interview, she remembered she hasn’t called her mum......

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    To Be Continued...

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