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Must Read: Missing The Gone Love Episode 7

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    Missing The Gone Love Episode 7
    “Oh don’t worry about that.” Damon said while waving his hands. “I will allow you go with the company’s jet. The pilot will take you and bring you back.’’ He completed.
    “Can I ask a question?” Abigail spoke.
    “Sure.”Damon answered.
    “Are you this nice to all your workers?” Abigail asked as she was very curious as to why her Boss was this nice to her when they had only met few hours ago. I mean am happy for all the benefit but I guess it’s too much. I feel like am being treated special. Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude. Am just curious.” Abigail said which earned a chuckle from Damon.

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    ” Actually, All staffs of Damon Inc do get benefits in one way or the other. You are my Secretary so I guess you deserve better. Don’t you think so? Damon asked smiling.

    “I sure do deserve better”. Abigail nodded, smiling at the same time.
    Even Damon himself doesn’t know why he was just being too nice to her. Of course he could never be in love with her because he’s already engaged. But immediately he saw her, he knew he recognized her from somewhere and just had the need to protect her.
    Damon and Abigail spent the rest of the day talking about the business, signing contracts and explaining her duties to her. She was later taken to the apartment which is meant for her. She was in awe when she saw the place. It was even more than comfortable for her and the twins not to top it all, it was already furnished. Damon also told Abigail to be ready the next morning that he will send his pilot to fetch her, so they can go to her hometown to get the twins. Abigail was extremely grateful to Damon. He told her she need not to worry that she deserved it.
    Abigail spent the rest of the day organizing the apartment and buying stuffs she needs for her and the twins. She also checked out of her hotel and moved into the apartment.  Abigail later called her mom that night and filled her in with all that had happened earlier today. Sarah was so happy for her daughter and she couldn’t be more proud of her. Of course Abigail offered her mother to come stay with them in the city but she refused. Saying she’s happy in her hometown and beside she has a store she needs to look after but she promise to visit from time to time.
    After the call with her mother, Abigail took the I pad which was given to her by Damon, Claiming she will need it for work. And started searching for a Pre-school which was closer to the house and also agencies where she could get a reliable nanny for the twins.


    …..”Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after. They became the nicest and fairest ruler to ever live. Dreams do come true, only if you have courage and be kind. And also with a little bit of magic”….. Abigail finished reading Rachael her bedtime story. Closing the book, she saw that Rachael was already fast asleep. She kept the book on her small shelf where she arranged all her bed time stories, covered her properly with the Duvet and gave her a goodnight kiss. She stood there for a while, watching her daughter sleep. Her children made her very happy. They were her world. Only if their Father was with them, they would have been a very happy family.To be honest, Abigail still misses Michael and she even cries herself to bed most of the time. She always reminded herself that she needs to be strong for her children. She knew her children really need a Father figure in their life and she dreads the day they will ask her for their father as she has no idea what to tell them.
    Abigail then went to check Raphael in his room. He was fast asleep also. She then gave him a goodnight kiss, put off the television he was watching while he fell asleep, she turned off the light and went out of his room.
    Abigail glanced at the wall clock in the living room and saw that it was just few minutes past 8. She was expecting her boss. He promised to come Visit her this night to see how far she had gone with settling down. While waiting for Damon, Abigail continued to arrange the kitchen and all their other clothes that were still unpacked.
    25 minutes later, She was through with all the packing and arranging. She looked around and smiled. Satisfied with the way her new home looks like. Even though she was sure she would not work with Damon Inc forever, she was sure she will be able to save more money from her salary and she smiled at the thought that her children will have a better future. She really did not want them to go through what she went through.
    Abigail, Rachael and Raphael had got back from her home town yesterday morning which was Saturday Morning. She was being escorted by Damon’s Personal Assistant, Angela.She seemed to be very kind and they got along pretty well. Abigail was happy Angela went with her because she disliked anything that dealt with height and to top it all, this was her first time on a plane. Even her children were in awe. It was also their first time travelling by air. Abigail was very happy and blessed to experience this moment with them.
    The nanny had also visited Abigail and the twins earlier today. To get to know them well before she starts work tomorrow. Abigail showed the Nanny around the house and they all went to the School her twins will be attending. She was glad the Proprietress agreed to meet them on a Sunday. Abigail introduced the twins to the proprietress and also the Nanny. As Gabby, the Nanny, will be the one to pick the twins up from school. Abigail was thankful everything went and now she’s excited for her first day at work tomorrow
    Soon enough Abigail heard the sound of the door bell then stood up to go open up.  She presumed that must be her Boss as he is the only one she is expecting.

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     “Bye Mirabel, I will miss you so much'”. Damon Said, giving Mia another bunch of kisses, teasing her.
    “I will miss you too my love”. Mia said in between the kiss.
    “Enough with that guys.” Michael yelled, pretending to be angry.
    “Calm down dude. Just give us 5 more minute”. Damon replied then went back to kissing his fiancee.
    Mia rose to become a top model in United Kingdom and she was traveling very early tomorrow morning for a shoot and won’t be back until the following week. So Damon came to have dinner with the Williams and he also took that opportunity to come see his fiancee before her tomorrow’s departure.
    They have a get together at the Club which was planned by Peace. Michael’s fiancee. She said she has a surprise for everyone so they should all be at the club by 9.30pm.Only close friends were invited to their gathering. Of course Mia could not go because she has an early flight to catch tomorrow morning.
    “We are going to be late Damon. Remember you said you still have a place to branch before we head to the club”. Michael reminded Damon. Damon often lose track of time whenever he came to the William’s house and mostly when his Fiancée was around. Damon and Michael were escorted to their car by Mia, Sandra and Stanley.

    Michael lives in his Apartment which is far away from the Mansion, closer to their Family Company. But Mia still stays with her parent in the Mansion. Sandra and Stanley were happy that their children are doing well and are both engaged. They can’t wait to have their first grandchild. It would be a wonderful dream come true.They both gave Michael and Damon a hug. Michael hugged his little Sister and Damon did the same, sealing the hug with a kiss. They promised to call each other very often and then, the two guys left.
    When Abigail quit working for the Williams. Michael and Mia were not in good terms. She blamed Michael on several Occasions that he was the reason why Abigail left. If he had not acted like a jerk and just talked about what they had together. Michael was also shocked when he came back from his Masters and heard that Abigail had gone. It’s kind of rare for a guy to cry but Michael actually cried that night. As he plan to apologize to Abigail and talk things through with her the moment he arrives.During their masters, Damon noticed how Michael looked so sad and very vulnerable. He forced Michael to tell him what was going on.

    After Michael confessed, Damon advised him that the only way he can have peace is to confront his issues and not run away from them. Michael took Damon’s advice and intend to make things right. Unfortunately for him, Abigail had left before he could make amend.1Michael found it very difficult to move on, but with the help of Damon, he was able to. Damon also help him settle his dispute with his Sister, Anna and now they are so inseparable. They refuse to be bothered by the past and just decided to see what the future holds for them.
    “Are you sure you don’t want to come inside?” Damon asked Michael while unbuckling his seat belt.
    They were already in front of Abigail’s Apartment. They decided to take Damon’s Car to the club so in case one of them gets drunk, the other person will drive.
    “No i’m fine”. Michael said, pressing his phone. “Just don’t stay long”. He added.
    “Alright”. Damon replied.
    Abigail opened the door for Damon, greeted him and ushered him in.
    Damon was really impressed. Everything was arranged and the decorations made sense. He however commended her for that. She had already made herself comfortable which was good.
    Abigail asked Damon if he wanted a drink or anything. Damon declined politely saying he’s okay. And he won’t be able to stay for long as his friend is waiting for him downstairs as they are both heading somewhere.
    Damon asked after the twins and she said they are fine and are already asleep. He also asked her about the twin’s school and nanny if she had gotten any. She said everything was already sorted out that he need not to worry.
    Abigail thanked him once again, gave him a hug and he took his leave.
    Michael wasn’t surprised about Damon’s gesture. That’s how he treats his staffs. He makes sure they are very comfortable. As Damon often say that if his staffs are comfortable, they will work efficiently which is a bonus for the company. He really admired Damon for that as he had no time for such.
    Damon and Michael found themselves entering the club as they proceeded to their usual VIP spot. This was their regular club as it was owned by their close friend, Jacob. Peace immediately welcomed her fiancé with a long, passionate kiss. They had been dating for two years and had just recently got engaged.52
    Peace, Michael, Damon and Jacob were joined by their other close friends. They talked about different things, enjoyed themselves, danced and made many funny conversations. Damon felt quite lonely. He was missing the love of his life. He took out his phone and started texting her.
    Later, Peace called everyone’s attention by hitting the glass with a wine opener. “Attention everyone!!!” Peace said while smiling”. I really called you guys here because I have a surprise”. She said as she put down the glass cup she saw holding. “I’m pregnant”.  She said out of the blue as she placed her right hand on her still flat belly and gave a wide smile showing her sparkling teeth.
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    Michael could not believe his ears. Could this be a dream? Of course not. It’s real. His Fiancée was pregnant… with his child. He could not contain his happiness. His dream was finally coming true. To be a Dad.Peace had no idea how this news made him so happy. He felt as if he was on top of the world, the happiest man on earth and the most amazing soon to be dad. He got up from where he was sitting and pulled Peace in a hug as he kissed her. He poured all his happiness into that kiss.
    “When did you find out?” Michael asked Peace after pulling away from their kiss.
    “This morning”. Peace answered with a grin.
    “Any idea how far you are?” Michael asked. Excitement evident in his voice, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
    “Three weeks”. Lucy replied.
    Michael rested his forehead against Peace’s forehead. He closed his eyes and said “Thank you Peace. Thank you so much. you don’t know how happy you just made me. Thank you my love”. He kissed her forehead. His hand found it’s way to Peace’s belly. He placed his hand on her still flat belly.
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    “We will take care of him or her together. Shower him or her with so much love and make sure he or she doesn’t lack anything. I promise to protect both of you”.  Michael said and he sealed his promise with a kiss.They were congratulated by their friends. Michael’s joy knew no bound. He did not even wait to get home before telling his parents and sister about the baby.
    “Why not do it now?” He said to himself. He fished out his phone from his pocket and called his Parents to give them the news. They went gaga. Their dream of becoming grandparents was actually coming true. Mia was also in her dream land. Dreaming of how she will be a good aunt to her brother’s child.

    “Thanks Gabby. I will be home soon”.  Abigail said after which she ended the call with her babies nanny. She glanced at her wrist watch and saw that it was just 3:30. She will be closing by 5. She had called Gabby to ask about her twins. If she had picked them up from school and if her twins were cooperating with her. Gabby said everything was fine and that the twins were good to her. She was happy that everything seems to be going on well on the first day of work.
    Abigail remembered she had to take some document for Damon to sign. She stood up, straighten her pencil skirt, carried the documents and head off to Damon’s office which was not far from hers.
    “Come in.” Damon said after Abigail knocked on his door.
    Abigail entered.

    “Yes dear do you need anything?” Damon said looking Very happy than usual.
    Abigail was actually wondering why Damon was this happy. She actually thinks he is over happy. Yes, over happy, if there is actually anything like that. The way he has been acting since morning and all. He even asked all his staff to take an early day off. So by 3, most of the staffs of Damon inc had gone home.  Of course she and Angela had to stay behind because they have lots of work to cover for Damon.
    “Nothing much. Just brought these documents for you to sign them so Angela will be able to distribute them to our clients.’’  Abigail said while working towards Damon and handed him the documents.
    “Can I ask you something” Abigail whispered, enough for Damon to hear.
    “Sure”. He replied, focusing on the document he is signing.
    Abigail started. ‘You seem very happy today. Is there anything you will like to share?’ Abigail said while taking a seat across Damon.
    “Is it that Obvious?” Damon asked with a wide smile.
    “Of course, I can tell when one is over happy.” She replied.
    “Okay then, I just discovered yesterday that am going to be an uncle.” Damon said, smiles all over his face.

    “Oh.” Abigail exclaimed. “Well that’s a good news. Congratulations”. She said.
    “But I thought you were the only child”. Abigail said with a frown.
    “Yeah I am. My best friend’s fiancee is expecting a baby. I’m in love with my best friend’s Sister so that automatically makes me a soon to be Uncle.” Damon said.
    “OHHH!!!” Abigail said while nodding her head. Trying to digest what Damon had just told her.
    “Anyway am so happy for you. A child is a wonderful blessing.”Abigail said while smiling.
    “Yeah I know.” Damon replied. “The whole Family is going crazy already, most especially the father, my best friend. We can’t wait for the baby to arrive. I just hope it’s a boy so I can spoil him more.” Damon said.
    Abigail smiled and nodded. “I can imagine.” she said. She could sense how Damon’s Best friend’s baby will be so loved. She was really happy for them.

    “Here, take this”. Damon gave her back the documents after signing them. She collected them and went back to her office.
    5pm came by so quickly. Abigail shut down her computer, packed her phones and put them into her bag. She grabbed her coat and went out of her office.Before taking the elevator, she peeped into Damon’s office and told him she was going home already. Damon only smiled and sent his regards to her kids. Abigail nodded. She also said her good bye to Angela before working out of the building.  She was so thankful that her first day of work went better than she expected.

    To be continued...

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