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How i F*ck*d my Sexy SSBBW Grandmother

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    My intense love of big women in my family starting with my grandmother then eventually my mother

    My SSBBW Grandmother
    This is really a true story. Growing up I always liked larger women. Petite women never done anything for me. I changed the names in this story to protect our identity. My name is Vince at the time I was 18 in my senior year in High School. I was always very shy. My mother always worked and traveled so I spent most of the time with my granmother Ethel near Birmingham Alabama. I always thought my grandmother Ethel was the most beautiful lady I ever laid my eyes on. She was an SSBBW about 5'4 340 lbs grey hair blue eyes. She had absolutley monsterous tits 54G and atleast a 70 inch ass too. Her dress size was a 32 /34. She always wore a dress or skirt never wore jeans. She always wore a lot of make up it was always applied so perfectly along with a lot of jewlery. I was her only grandchild and we were extremely close. For the most part we lived together. One day she picked me up from school as I was in my senior year at High School and she told me she was very tired and told me she was going to lay down. I thought I heard crying coming from her room I opened the door and she was in tears. I always called my grandmother me-me. I asked her what was wrong. She said I just turned 65 im fat as a cow and will never be able to get a man. I said me-me ( I called her me-me) your so beautiful how can you say that? She asked me if I was blind and said I was just saying that because it was me. I tried to convince her I was telling the truth but it was to no avail. My granmother always had me sleep in her bed with her she was very lonely. That night I snuggled up next to her and held her and I said Me-Me your absolutely gorgeous!! I hope some day I meet a woman exactly like you. I said all the girls in school is so skinny and they do nothing to turn me on. She said to me saying you really are telling me the truth then. I replied I think your so sexy. She said to me even how fat I am I said yes. She said Vince Im so flattered you really make a fat old lady feel good. She said hold me tight Vince and we fell asleep like that. In the morning the alarm woke us up she said Vince I felt your penis rubbing against my bottom last night. I was so embarrassed I said Me-Me im so sorry. She said dont be sorry for the first time in 25 years since your granfather left me for that skinny tramp you have made me feel wanted. She said she would never tell my mother (her daughter) and it was our secret. Later that day she picked me up from school we got home and told her I did not feel good so I went upstairs to her room and laid down in her bed. She told me she would be right back she was going to the grocery store to pick us up something to cook for dinner. At that point I completely undressed hard as a rock I started to stroke my cock and was talking out loud saying Ohhh Me Me my cock feels so good deep inside your wet pussy I looked up she was in the room I was so upset and frantic. She laid down next to me carressing my forehead then kissed me on the lips saying its going to be ok kissed me again then sticking her tounge in my mouth she took her hand stroked my chest then started to stroke my cock I said Me-Me she said call me Ethel. I said let me unzip your dress I then took her dress off I then turned and we passsionately kissed I then unhooked her bra and her huge tits were freely hanging. I then her unhooked her garter belt from her black silky stockings as I did I then helped her get her panties off. We kissed deeply again as we sat down on the bed I gently carressed her tits and then began to suck on them she moaned with such pleasure she said Vince I was certain I would never ever be with a man as long as I lived. I said lay back Ethel as she did I spread her legs apart and kissed her inner thighs and worked my way up to her pussy. I will admit it was a bit awkward I tried to get to her pussy but her big tummy was in the way. She said you really want to eat me out I said yes I want your wet pussy in my mouth. She told me nobody ever done that for her before and then reached and held up her tummy. I licked and sucked on her clitoris she said wow I never felt anything so good. I kept licking faster I felt her body start to get tight she said Vince im cumming oh my god im cumming at that point she started to convulse. She was screaming so loud calling my name and then caught me so off guard she squirted over and over. I caught every drop and swallowed every bit never tasting anything so sweet. She then said its my turn as she went down on all 7 inches of me I said Ethel im sorry I cant hold out much longer im going to cum I screamed at the top of my lungs unloading in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. I never had the chance to get soft. I climbed on top of her entering her pussy I was in heaven. She said Vince your cock feels so good inside me baby. I sped up and she said fill me full of your cum baby I kept pounding her and filled her full of cum. She said I never experienced anything so good like that before. Without giving her time to rest I went back down on her and said I want to taste our love juices together. She moaned loadly saying you need to give this old lady a rest. So I did but I was instanly hard again I said Me Me I mean Ethel I want you on top of me. She was very hesitant worried she would hurt me because of her size I convinced her to. She said Vince I never done this position before. This feels so good your cock is so deep in me. Once again matter of two minutes later she moaned and moaned im cumming again and she gushed her honey all over me soaking the bed. We must have done it atleast 3 more times that night. In the morning I work up in a frantic. It was after 9 and was late for school. She said shhh relax your staying home with me today. She then snuggled up to me said Vince I love you so much this is our secret. I hope to continue being intimate for as long as Im able to. She then went on to say to me, I do want you to meet a girl your age some day and have children but you must promise me one thing. I said whats that ?Please come and see me as often as you can and make love to me like this. I said of course I will I promise. I love you so much Me-Me I wish we could get married. Our lives were totally changed after that. Each day we would live like we were husband and wife. When I got home from school one day, my mother got home she said she was offered a job in Dallas TX. I informed her I was planning to go to college here at University of Alabama. She asked me if I wanted to live here with my grandmother. I said most definitely!! My grandmother was very rich she paid for my college I never spent a dime. We had so much fun together in and out of the bedroom we would go on trips and cruises together enjoying each other like a married couple. She said Vince you made me feel alive again Im so happy we are together. I always loved you so much and I am so in love with you. She even bought us diamond wedding bands and we said our vows to each other as if we were really married. Shortly there after my granmother bought me a brand new Ford F150 4x4. She never let me go without anything. She then bought a new home in the mountains in Franklin NC. We moved there just after I graduated college. I really had a hard time meeting any women. About two years have passed she said Vince please you promised you would marry and have children. She said I found this dating site for BBW women. I placed this ad for you this lady Patricia wants to meet you. I felt horrified but I never wanted to let my grandmother down. Things did work out between myself and Patricia. We did get married a few years later. But my grandmother made me promise I would come see her atleast once or twice a week to continue our special relationship together. Even though I was married we still did make love twice a week. I must say I did marry an SSBBW woman just like my granmother for sure. My grandmother then had a 4000 sq foot house built she paid cash. She had it build for us about 5 miles down the road and we did have two children. My granmother and I continued our relationship for twenty years but then she became ill. I moved her in with us and rented out her home. My granmother passed two years later. I was forever grateful for her and our special relationship. About 6 months has passed since my grandmother passed away. My mother Loretta and I were finally going through all my grandmothers belongings. My mother was extremely resentful to me. My grandmother divided up her estate between my mother and I 80 / 20 with mine being the larger portion. My mother just turned 65 and like her mother she was an SSBBW. She was a bit taller at 5'10 weighed around 320. She was pretty but nowhere near as beautiful as my grandmother. We had a very different type of relationship more like brother and sister it was very bizarre. My mother said I was a suprise because she was told she was too heavy to have kids. She rarely ever had her period never cycling properly. My mother was very petite when I was young. She was always very successful. Unlike my grandmother she was very petite until my dad came out of the closet and said he was gay. At that point my mother turned to food. Over two years she doubled in weight and gained 160 lbs. So getting back where I left off. We were going through all my late grandmothers belongings. My mother was suprised at all the sexy lingere she found and wondered why she had all this. I kept very quiet then all of a sudden my mother found a book, she opened it up she read the following: Vince you eat my pussy so good dont stop, dont stop im gonna cum!! I then gushed all my honey in his mouth and all over his face. At that point I turned bright red. My mother turned a few pages he then helped me on the bed, I got on all fours and he took his big fat cock and shoved it in me pounding me!! I said fuck your grannys pussy harder pound me give it to me. Impregnate me with your seed. My mother said how can you do this to me why?? I said we truely loved each other. She was always there for me. You always worked and chose your career over me. My mother said I am so jealous that my mother favored you. You had an intense love affair with her. She bought you everything she never got me anything. Mother I never meant to hurt you im sorry. I'm hurt you were never there for me. She said can we start fresh I said sure Mother. Son I have to confess I left you with your grandmother because I could have never raised you as good as her. I knew what was best for you. My mom hugged me and said I love you so much Vince and I love you so much mama. So Vince I see you love larger ladies!! Is my baby going to show his mama what he has in his pants or what??? My mama unzipped my pants and said wow its so thick and long!! I was not huge about 8 inches but very thick. I got so hard so fast we kissed deeply. My mama kissed my neck and worked her way down. She litterally engulfed my cock down her throat. She was going non stop like a bitch in heat and looked me in the eye. She said are you going to cum for mommy?? I said fuck yeah!! I shot load after load down her throat. She said she never tasted cum so good before. She then said are you ready to fuck your mommy like in the stories I read?? Not without eating your pussy mommy!! She said I never had my pussy eaten before. I dove right in and almost instantly she started to have orgasm after orgasm. Both she and I were in heaven. I said one more thing turn around and I slid my head under her ass and we 69'd. Baby mommy is going to cum again!! I said I am too and we gloriously came in each others mouth. We each swallowed our love juices. My mother then bent over on all fours give me that big cock and shove it in my fat pussy!! I was thrusting deep inside her grabbing onto her massive hips. Oh son you feel so good fuck your mommy harder!! Oh yeah son im going to cum so hard oh my oh oh and she soaked everywhere with her honey!! She said son im in heaven!! I never ever had sex so good before. Your only the second man I was ever with beside your dad. She said will you one more thing for mommy? Fuck your mother in the ass!! It was not two minutes she was cumming again. She said you really know how to make a woman happy. We then fell aseep in each others arms. We got up in the morning I made her biscuits and gravy. She said son I have to tell you one important thing. Whats that? Im moving back home to Alabama I never want us to be apart again.

    i hope you enjoyed this 
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