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Must Read: Broken Heart Episode 6

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    Written  By SABIBOY
    Whatsapp: 08105306240 

    Did You Missed Any Episode Read It HERE

    We are really sorry for going on a long break. Thanks to our fans that always checked on us. We are back guys, it's a new year and we are here to serve you a good new year energy. Happy New year year fans
    Now the story continues.

    I never gave up, despite she turning my request down. One night, I was scrolling through my contacts on WhatsApp, when I saw her on WhatsApp and I decided to message her.
    Me: Hy, longest time.
    She: am fine and you?
    Me: am good and how is our in-law (her bf)
    She: he is fine.
    Me: my regards to him.
    She: alright, no proble.
          The Next Day
    Me: please I want to ask you for something.
    She: and what could it be?
    Me: since you don't want us to date, can we at least be best of friends?
    She: yeah! Why not.
     That was how we became close and I gave her my time. She told me that her guy cheated on her so she broke up with him and I offered her my shoulder that she can lean on it and her worries off. She made a statement that made me happy " you are the best". There's no one like you". All this was happening on WhatsApp, because she's on break and I was not done for the semester. That was how we became very close. A day without me chatting with her on WhatsApp seems like a black day for her. The feeling was strong that we started dating officially!

    To be continued HERE

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