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Must Read: Broken Heart Episode 7

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    Written  By SABIBOY
    Whatsapp: 08105306240 
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     EPISODE 7
    She always encouraged me during my exams, that I should promise her that I will write a distinction. I finished my exam and went to Abuja for my holidays, unfortunately I got sick.
      Meanwhile, she has resumed school and I was on break because I was a SIWES student, our Academic calendar differ. When I told her about my sickness, she was very worried. I left Abuja and went to Kano to get proper treatment. I spent 3weeks in Kano and she will call me for almost 20minute, telling me I should come back that she misses me aLot. We chat, talk on phone and miss each other. She told me to bring along some potatoes for her. The love was very strong. So I resumed late August for my seminar/project proposal. We met at the department the next day.

                 Next Day
    I came to the department and met her friend, I never knew my girl was at the back sit and she said " so you no see me about?" And I smiled while she introduced me to her friends as her husband (Lol). I left the department because I had nothing to do and she said she will come to my Lodge after her lectures. But unfortunately, my phone went off so she wasn't able to get to me. The next day was Friday, I was feeling a little bit sick, when my phone rang and she told me she was close to my Lodge that I should come and pick her up. I went and picked her up and opened my door for her. She sat down on my bed and gave her some little refreshment. I told her I was sick and it even started raining heavily that she spent the night with me. The sickness was getting very serious. The next morning, I made a move that still suprised me till this very moment that am writing this episode.

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