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New Year Sex With My Neighbor

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    This story is about how new year party helped me to get my sexy neighbor prema aunty to bed and had lot of fun.

    I am ankit from bangalore working in one of the IT company in bangalore.This incident happend two days back that is on the new year day with my neigbour her name is prema around 32 years with mind blowing and dick raising asset 34-32-36 any one could feel like fucking atleast once in a life time . she lives next to my house her husband is sales person always on travel and had one kid of 6 yrs old.Me and sunitha aunty were not very close but we used to usaully smile when ever we see eachother .New year was the day which changed my life completely.Prema aunty invited me to new year party at her house i was very happy and agreed i went to her home no one was there except me and her i thought she would also been interested in me and i asked her how about others she said hubby as usaul on travel and kid has gone to native .Hearing this i felt happy inside and thought will try my luck.Aunty was wearing light pink transperent saree she was looking very very sexy my dick has already raised seeing her. Then we sat and talked for some time and we became very close soon and we exchanged our numbers. Later she said will cut the cake then i happil agreed and some sexy thought came into my mind to pull her on bed. We started cutting the cake and after cutting i put some cake on my darling face,neck and some on the dress .she was enjyoing it and she told me the she will change her dress and come then will have dinner. Without fear i asked her would you need any help in changing the dress. She with naughty smile told me you naughty boy pushed me and went to her room.
    Now she was changing her dress she removed her saree, wow what an vision it is. I was peeping from the hole of the door. But she noticed that i was seeing but she was also interested in me now slowly she removed her blouse omg what an sight it was she was not very any bra inside i couldn't control seeing such big tight boobs it was very hard she was pressing it ,my dick already started to raise slowly she took one transperent nighty weared it and came out. I was in bathroom was mastrubuting imagining her boobs.She started to knock the door but i was in hurry and forgot to close the door she opened the door and saw me shaking she was shocked and asked what i was doing i told nothing aunty i will be back in 2 miutes.She with a naughty smile went back.
    After this i was very shy to see aunty face she came close me to and asked what i was doing i was shivering now aunty said come on baby i know you were peeping throught the hole of the door dont worry it's common at this age. Hearing this i made some courage and said yeah aunty i saw you changing your dress and couldn't control i needed you very badly. She laughed loudly and said just by seeing you couldn't control baby.Now she came close to me and suddenly huggged me tight and put her hand on my dick i was shocked. She hugged and wispered slowly let go to bedroom hearing this my heart started jumping. We went to the room she started kissing me on my fore head ,biting by chicks and started lip kissing me very deep for around 15 minutes. Now i went to kiss her she said you can't do anything untill i tell i agreed it and slowly she started kissing my neck and removed my shirt and started kissing all over my chest i was in cloud 9. Now she removed my pant and underwear my dick has already been raised its 7.5 inch big thick and hard dick .She was happy seeing that and said this is the perfect size which i was looking for. She holded my dick and started stroking and playing with it. She started giving me a blow job oh god it was one of the best blow job which i received . She gave me blowjob for around 20 minutes i was about to cum i told she said me to load in her mouth .I agreed and loaded in her mouth she took completly without wasting a single drop. Now it was my turn to make her feel satisfied.
    Now i pushed her on bed and was top of her and started kissing all over face like and hungry lion then smooched her lips for around 10 minutes now slowly moved towards her neck and started kissing it wildly she was moaning awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome you are making me more horny pleaseeee .Now i removed her nighty she was not wearing anything inside now i grabbed those two big and sexy boobs and started sucking it hard she was like ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cant control one of the best feeling darling suck it hard its all yours babyyyyyyyyyyyy please eat those hearing this i started sucking it an pressing it much harder we both enjoyed to the extinct. while sucking her boobs i was even fingering her pussy she has completly lost ans her moans ah ah ah aha ha ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby i cant control please fuck me hard sweet heart fuck me fuck me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.Now i moved down and started to lick her clean shaved pink pussy i was licking and eating i like any hungry animal.She was enjoying every lick of mine she had completely lost and was begging me to fuck. Now i slowly put my 7.5 inch dick inside her pussy she shouted in pain like ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now slowly started to stroke front and back within few seconds she started enjoying my fuck and was moaning like ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh yessssssssssss fuck me fuck me more baby yeahhh yeahhh niceeeeee
    ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh fuck me hard yeahhhhhhhh nice ahhh ahhh ahhh then i fucked her for around 20 minutes and was about to load i cummed inside her pussy itself and hugged her. She gave me a kiss and thank you darling you made me more satisfied and had one of the best new year. Even i kissed her lips and said i am always ready to serve you darling when ever required. We were tired hugged each other and slept naked for the night.Then early moring her hubby and kid was about to come had one more awesome sexy fucking session in the bathroom which i will tell you in the next story and i left from her house .Now every week or when ever her hubby is out of town we have an sexy session.
    This was my new year story guys hope you all enjoyed the story.

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