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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 163

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    Story Is Written By Ozila
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    “Am working as a bartender mum, so there is nothing to be worried about, just send the account number” I said.

    “Okay dear, be careful oh, those people there are very wicked oh” she said.

    “I will be careful mum, take care and bye for now” I said and hung up.

    I know she will keep telling me about becareful, that’s her job anyway.

    After the call I walk to the bathroom, I remove my shot and enter the bathtub, I switch on the tap and I just relax on the tub thinking about my country, I wonder if Mitchele would have delivered now, I honestly can’t wait to see her but I know it will come at a price, I did mess up and her parents might not even forgive me but all this same if she have delivered then I will visit her and there is nothing anybody can do to stop me, so what about Aneeta and the rest? Oh well I guess I have many things to do when I return but am not leaving India just yet, I might even stay here for years because am making money, life is all about money.

    As I was thinking I closed my eyes so when I heard a creek I quickly open them but there is nothing to see, I wash myself and then came out from the tub, I on the rushing tap on my body and yes it feels so good, I heard a creek from the door again and this time I saw a figure standing there with her white night gown and her finger on her lips romancing it like rebekah svcking blood from the movie “the originals”.

    I saw her and I was shocked I just remain there with my mouth ajar, as she put her hand on her mouth signaling me to shot up, she walk inside the bathroom and then facing me face to face her white gown fell on the grown, seeing the boobson alone send signal to my Dickson, face to face she put her right hand on my chest and started touching my small breasst as if am a woman, I just stand there like a ghost looking at the beauty in front of me more like beauty and the ghost.

    “What are you doing?” I ask with slow voice.

    “What do you think?” She ask.

    I didn’t say anything again as she already close my mouth and continue kissing my body, she was kissing me downward till she get to the rock of ages, she struck it and put it in her mouth, she started tackling it like a footballer, I was enjoying it and after few minutes she stand up and she put my hand on her boobson since I was so scared to do so, I rub her and then kiss the boobson,

    “Is this how you fvck people at the bar? be brave” she said.

    I heard that clearly so I push her backward making sure she reach the edge of the wall, I raise her up and make her sit at the bathroom wallbench  opening her legs, I put my tongues and suck bery well, she moan,  before I could put the rock of ages inside her wet pussay i heard a sound from the room. She quickly run and hide inside the bathtub and then the bathroom door open.

    “Ozila are you the one there” the person ask.

    “Yes, am just taking my bath” I said and the person walk away.

    I went to the tub and join her there, she climb ontop me and then use her hand to guard the Disk inside the DVD player, then the music started playing, do you wanna guess which music, i think its fvck me hard.

    We were lost in our little enjoyment that we didn’t know when somebody walk in, she opened the cotton and there she is standing in front of us.

    “What the hell” she said.

    Who is the Lady I just fvcked?

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