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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 164 - 171

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    Story Is Written By Ozila
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    “Riana baby” Ria said and get off me, she ran after Riana while i remain in the tomb naked and dumbfounded, I didn’t know what to do because am damn scared, what’s going to happen to me now? Will Riana tell her father that am sleeping with her mom, oh my God why am I so stupid?

    I got off from the tomb and put on my dress, I walk out of the bathroom and tiptoed to Riana room, at the passage I saw Ria knocking at her door, it seems like Riana has locked herself inside her room, Ria daw e and wave at me to go away, I left her and walk to my room upstair, I don’t know what will happen next so I just arrange my things and keep my money in a place I can get it easily, first thing tomorrow is to go and send this money to my mother, at least that will calm me down a little incase they want to deport me then at least there will be something for me to go back to.

    I wasn’t able to sleep that night as my eyes were opened all night, in the morning I was afraid to go out or even open my door, I heard  noises downstairs which confirm that my people are awake already, I still don’t know what’s going to happen next oh.

    Since I didn’t want to go out now I used my phone to download some movies, I started watching movies with my phone to keep me busy and indoor, when it’s getting to twelve I heard a knock on my door, I was shocked and afraid at the same time, I didn’t want to get up until I heard the door the second time, I quickly jump to my feet to open the door, I saw madam Ria standing behind the door.

    “You don’t want to get out of bird again?” She ask.

    “Good afternoon ma” I said.

    She walk inside my room.

    “Why is your luggage like this, are you going somewhere?” She ask.


    “No oh, am just arranging my things because I want to wash some of my clothes” I said.

    “About yesterday, I believe my daughter is still angry but she won’t say anything to my husband, let’s just behave normally if we don’t then that’s when my husband will know something is wrong” Ria said.

    “You mean she’s not going to say anything?” I rephrased.

    “She won’t” she answered.

    “How are you so sure?” I ask.

    “Because I know my daughter more than you, of course she will want something but she won’t tell my husband about us” she replied.

    “Oh thank God then” I said.

    “So I suggest you stopped being scared and get off your bed, you have work to do” she said and walk out.

    I heard but am not still calm yet, last time I tried to have it with Riana it didn’t work out and since then she has been my enemy, imagine how she will be looking at me now.

    I keep my luggages back and then I came down the stairs, everybody has gone out except Ria who is still at home watching TV.

    “How is the work going ozila?” She ask.

    “Very well ma,” I said

    “Good, people are coming in to see you strip, you will be well payed okay”

    “Okay ma” I said.

    I went to the kitchen but there was no food except indomie, I brush my teeth first and eat the in indomie, I took my baths and wear my clothes, I went outside and sit in the swing outside, I was pressing phone and also watching people going about their things, when its time I saw Rica tortoise car, I didn’t wait for her to horn before I walk to meet her, I open her door and join her.

    “How far, this one your face is like this so i hope all is well?” She ask.


    “I hope so, can you take me to the bank let me send the money before I go to work?” I ask.

    “Of course” she answered.

    I didn’t say anything again as I keep thinking about the latest brouhaha, she took me to a big bank, she followed me inside because they won’t do it for me without her, I don’t have bank account yet but she have.

    Inside the bank she filled the form for me and then I gave her the money, she send the money through her own bank account, I thank her very much before we left for the strip club.

    “Why is there so many people here today?” I ask.

    “I honestly don’t know” she said.

    The bar was filed up, so many people even outside too, I went to change ky clothes and when I came out with my onlyy boxer all eyes turn to me, the DJ change the music and then I started dancing, people were jeering me while drinking especially the women, I haven’t seen so much crowd before, I strip holding the pole and sometimes I will walk to some of the women and dance around them, one woman tried to touch my Dickson but I slap her hand off and then she giggled, I move over to the next person and that’s how I dance through the night, around eight when I walk out to rest I SAS more than ten cards on my boxer, they insert it inside my boxer, I took them and place them inside my small bag, I rest for thirty minutes before I return to my work with the aim of entertaining special people this time, I won’t strip for everybody just the special ladies in a room.

    I enter the room with more like eight women drinking and laughing, I was dancing shaking me head to the music, they saw me and started smiling, there is one lady I think she’s white, I wonder what she’s doing here with Indians, she wore a very sexy dress which makes my Dickson to started singing hallelujah, as my Dickson rise they all cheer and wanted to touch it, the white lady just keep laughing and I really want to impress her, who knows she might be from America and I really want to travel to America, I use my bouncing Dickson to face her, I concentrate on her, she was just smiling and smiling and since she saw that I didn’t want to leave her alone she then put her hand on her bag and put her card on my boxer, I smile and move on to the next person.

    They all enjoyed my dance and some of them even tip me putting money on my boxer, after my show around ten Rica insist we do more sex videos but I complain to her that am tired and also I have someone to visit.

    “So who are we visiting this night” she ask.


    “This one, she whispered on my ear to call her this night” I said and gave Rica her card.

    “Not bad, she’s leaving in a hotel and she’s fat can you really handle her?” She ask.

    “Of course I can” I said.

    We both left the club after taking out bath, her assistant will lock up, she took me to a hotel with a tall building, the hotel is very nice, I brought out my phone and call the lady.

    “Hello ma” I said as she pick up.

    “Yes, who is this?” she said after speaking India.

    “Yeah, am from the strip club and you gave me yo…………”

    “Oh yeah, the stripper, am glad you called, please come to the address on the card” she said even though her English is not good at least am understanding her.

    “Actually am in front of the hotel” I said.

    “Okay good, come inside and look for suite 608” she said.

    “Okay ma” I said and cut the call.

    “She said I should come in” I said to Rica.

    “Be careful, I will remain here for ten minutes in case you don’t want to go ahead, in case of anything just call my line okay”


    I came down and enter the hotel, I walk to the receptionist and then she made a call after I told her why am here, after the call she direct me to elevator, first time in elevator, the moment the button light hit six and stop I came out from the elevator and started searching for suite 608, I was looking door to door until finally I saw the suite, I knock on the door and immediately a fat woman came to open the door.

    “Hi” I said.

    “Come in dear” she took my hand and lock the door, before I know it she push me to the wall and started kissing me, this is not what I expect but who am I to reject.

    I played along and before I know we end up in bed with her ontop me, she’s like a beast devouring her prey I just hope I come out of it alive.


    it seems she haven’t had sex for long because she was all over me, I let her take charge and she did all the style she knows, I fvcked her from all anger, I enjoy the doggie style most because she’s fat and she have big asss like elephant, of course I used condom I wouldn’t want to risk my destiny with a fat India woman like this, no I can’t.

    we did like seven rounds in a role and yet she still want more, she gave me fruits to keep my strength up and then we continued, my mind is not in it am just doing it for the money, I do enjoy other sexx but this one is really out of it.

    I slept in her hotel room and yes we also did it in the morning, and when Ria called me in the morning around five I told her that am with a customer, and she told me to be careful and then she cut the call.

    she was sleeping and snoring like a dog, I took my phone and started operating it, I wanted to call my mum and ask her if she received the money but I don’t want to disturb the fat pig so I got up and walk to the sitting room, I opened the fridge and collect some apple and wine,  Itook cup too and relax on the sofa sit, I dial my mummy’s number she didn’t pick and when I dial it the second time she pick up.

    “hello” she answered.

    “mum, how are you” I ask

    “am fine ozes, I have been trying to call you but they said I have not activate my SIM card for international calls” she said.

    “don’t worry about that mum I will be doing the calling, did you get the money?” I ask.

    “yes oh I got the alert” she answered.

    “okay good, keep it for me I will send more anything and you can use from it okay?”

    “okay ozes just be careful please and don’t do anything illegal” she advice.

    “I won’t mum I promise”

    “good then my mind will be at rest” she said.

    “always put your mind at rest nothing will happen to me you just take care of yourself okay?”


    “okay then” she answered.

    “alright bye for now mum”

    “bye bye my son” she replied and then I cut the call.

    after the call I check the time and it’s almost six so I enter the bathroom to take my bath, we have used more than ten condoms and my waist has started to pain me, I think I will have to buy and take pain relief because I need to be able to continue my work, this is how I make my money so don’t blame me because everybody find one way or another to make their money after all mine is not that bad and it’s not illegal.

    I took my bath and put on my dress, I sat on the chair and focus on the TV, I didn’t want to wake her up but when she refuse to wake up and the time is almost ten I decided to wake her up, and as expected she was angry that I woke her up, I apologize to her and told her that I have to get back to business, she sluggishly got up and walk to her safe, she open it and gave me bundles of rupee and then she return to bed, I was happy and even if she didn’t respond to my appreciation I keep thanking her anyway, I left the room and call Rica on my way down, she said I should give her twenty minutes that she will be here soon, I sat in front of the hotel and wait for her and as she said she came twenty minutes later, she want to know what happened and then I explain everything to her, she insist I must follow her to her house and that I will follow her house to work so I agreed after all am trying to stay away from home after what happened between me and Ria.

    on our way a strange number started calling me, I didn’t want to pick but the number keep calling me and Rica told me to pick it up that it might be business so I pick it up.

    “Hello” I answered.

    “Hello Ozila, its me Riana”

    “Riana?” I said with surprise because I  wasn’t expecting her call at all I didn’t even know she has my number.

    “Yeah, I hope you didn’t run away from house because of what happened?” She ask.

    “No its just business” I said.

    “Okay good because you don’t have to be afraid okay, I won’t tell if you promise to do something for me” she said.

    “What do you want me to do for you?” I ask.

    “I will tell you when you return home” she said and cut the call.

    “What does she want?” Rica ask.

    “She said she will tell me when we meet” I answered.

    “Don’t trust her”

    “I wont” I said.


    Rica took me to a small bungalow, there are only four to five houses in the area though its close to main road but surrounded by bush, the four house face each other in the street like a face me I face you compound, Rica house is the last close to a small spring, there are people living in each of the houses and also Rica is living with her only sister, her mum and dad are separated and she’s the one taking care of her little sister who is still in school, she’s 15 so I guess she must still be in secondary if they are using the same system like us.

    “Welcome to my small house” she said.

    “The environment is astonishing” I said looking around.

    “Yeah its a cool spot” she said.

    We came down from the car and then I followed her inside the house, the other three houses are story building only Rica’s own is one flat with just two rooms, toilet and bathroom, just a simple room.

    She opened the door and ushered me in, everything is neat and clean I wish I can get a house like this.

    “Waoh its nice” I said.

    “Are you kidding me, you playing right?” She ask.

    “Am not, I wish I can even get a house like this” I said.

    “Come on keep your money you don’t have any reason to leave the Rias for now” she said.

    “There are many reason my dear, abeg I need to sleep” I said and lay down on the sofa chair.

    “No no come to my room and sleep while I tidy everywhere up, my sister is still sleeping I guess” she said.

    I followed her and we enter a simple room, I removed my dress leaving only boxer I dive inside the bed and then she left locking the door, she knows I need the rest and am glad she left me alone to sleep.

    I was walking in the street of New York, the city is really beautiful with tall buildings and fine roads with street lights, I was putting on black jacket and black trouser, as I was walking everybody was looking at me mysteriously as if am a criminal, I keep smiling at them without minding their starring, after walking for few miles I heard police siren, I thought they were chasing another person but I was wrong, they stop in front of me and point their gun at me.


    “This is the New York police department, put your hands on the air and kneel down now” they commanded.

    I didn’t know what to do because I don’t remember committing any crime at all, I was confused as the police in front of me point their at me, I know if I enter their cell it will be difficult for me to get out because black people don’t have lots of chance in America when they are in cell, I did the only thing I could and run, but I wasn’t so fast as they open fire on me shattering my back.

    I shouted and wake up from my dream sweating like Christmas goat, I was furious does it mean that if I go to America I will be arrested? Oh boy I think it is better I forget about America and just focus on making money here, I will return to Nigeria from here because I believe that dream is a message.

    I got up with tiredness and with just my boxer, I came out from my room and enter the sitting room, I saw Rica washing movie.

    “Hi baby are you awake?” She ask.

    “Yes, whats the time?” I ask.

    “Almost twelve dear, hope you slept well” she ask.

    “Yeah but I had a bad dream” I said.

    “Good since its bad you will now know how to avoid it, I prepared tea for you and there is bread too” she said.

    “Oh thanks but I have to shower now” I said.

    “Alright come let me show you”.

    I followed her to the back of the house, the bathroom is just normal like Nigeria own, I enter and she gave me towel, no running tap so she fetch water for me which I used in bathing, after bathing I eat the bread and tea, we watch movie together and when its time for work we branch on the bank and send more money to my mummy, I gave her her share too which makes her happy.

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