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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 172

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    tory Is Written By Ozila
    Whatsapp Contact: +2348066418379
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    Episode 172 

    We got to work and start working as usual, the crowd was cheering as usual and when I decided to look their faces I saw Riana sitting alone looking at me with bottle on her desk,I was shocked and I even pause, but I later continue my work and was also wondering why she’s here.

    I wasn’t able to concentrate again as I keep seeing Riana everywhere I look, am trying to avoid her the best I can and now that she’s here what am I going to do?

    She didn’t even want to leave even though its midnight, she answered call and later continue her drink, it’s obvious she’s waiting for me to finish my work so that we will talk, I will try to avoid her because she’s a flood looking for a land to devour, I know she caught us but she shouldn’t take advantage of me,

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    NB: never take advantage of a Nigerian man especially southerners, they will use the advantage against you.

    Around eleven I came down from the stand and enter other rooms for private entertainment, I dance and strip for them till midnight, there was no sign of the white woman again, I thought she will come too but no problem sha I have her card and I can call her anytime, around twelve midnight I was putting on my dress with Rica in the room.

    “Are you following me home today?” She ask.

    “Yeah” I said.

    “No you are not, you coming home” Riana said walking inside the room, Rica saw her and stand up as a sign of respect.

    “Hi Riana, what are you doing here?” I ask.
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    “I came to check on you since you have refused to come home” she said.


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