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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 173

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    Story Is Written By Ozila
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    Episode 173
    “Not like that, and  beside am always alone at home I feel I need a place where I can talk with people that love me” I said.
    “So you mean we don’t love you, After bringing you from Nigeria?” She said with anger.
    “I don’t mean it that way” I said getting scared.
    “Anyhow you mean it you will explain better at home, come on let’s go” she said with a commanding voice.
    I took my things and followed her without making any statement, I waved Rica goodbye.
    Outside the bar we stopped a cab and then enter, Riana is not smiling at all I hope am not walking into trouble at home.

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    We came down in front of our street and walk to our house, she wasn’t saying anything which makes my mind start beating faster, the time is past twelve in the midnight, we got home and open the door, I was surprised to see her dad and mom sitting in the parlour waiting for us.
    “Welcome home Ozila, we’ve been waiting for you” Riana dad said.
    I was scared, is today judgement day?
    “Go and drop your things and come back there is something we need to discuss” Ria said.
    “But can’t it wait till morning, am really weak and tired now” I said.
    “It can but you know you always like to sleep in the morning and before you wake up we would all be gone to our various place of work, so it’s better we do it now and allow you sleep well in the morning” Ria’s husband added.
    “Okay am coming” I said.
    I walk up to the stairs and enter my room, I drop my things and change to short nicker, I put on singlet too and then I came out to the parlour and sat with everybody.
    “I hope I didn’t do anything wrong” I said because it’s obvious that we are gathered here because of me, if they wanna drive me away they should just do it let me go and be staying with Rica.
    “Not really, but we are responsible for you here and if anything happen to you we will be the one to suffer, so recently you have not been stable here and we are wondering what the matter is” Riana’s dad ask.
    “There is absolutely nothing sir” I said.
    “So you mean you just decided not to come back home yesterday? Do you know how we were worried yesterday?” He continued.
    “Am sorry Sir, I thought you guys said I can be going out and be doing my own outside work if I want to?” I ask.
    “Yes” he answered.
    “That’s what I was doing Sir, someone called and I thought that since Rica house is close to that side I thought I should stay with her and follow her side to the place” I said.
    “Then you should have called me or my wife to inform us”
    “Am sorry Sir” I said.
    “Okay but it seems like you have made a lot of money going out, we will like you to  give us that money and we will give you your share” he said.
    “But Sir I thought you made it clear that all the money will be mine?” I ask.
    “You quote us wrongly” added Ria.


    To Be Continued..... 

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