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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 174 - 180

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    Story Is Written By Ozila
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    Episode 174
    “yeah ozila you have to choose, either we stop paying you or any money you make you give it to us then we will share them together” Said Mr Rowan.
    “Waoh, so this is it then?” I said.
    “This is what?” Ask Ria.
    “No I mean from the beginning we all agreed that I will keep the money but now you guys are saying different thing, oh well I guess I will keep doing my thing while I work for you for free” I said.
    “oh well then it is settled” Mr Rowan said.
    I left the sitting room with a sad mood and return to my room, what kind of game are they playing? I started thinking, I know one day they might just say I should go and that’s how they will deport me oh, I have to do something am not an idiot.
    I called Rica that night.

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    “Hello, what’s up ozila” she answered.
    “Am not fine joor”
    “What’s wrong and what is joor?”
    “The Ria’s insist they will stop paying me because am not sharing my secondary work money with them”
    “Seriously? Why are they like this?”
    “I honestly don’t know oh”
    “They know you are making a lot of money” she said.
    “I guess I hope they won’t throw me out one day sha”
    “They won’t because many people are coming to the bar to see you, you have increased the population of that bar if they let you go they will lose a lot, I think you should start telling them that you are not an idiot, make your own rules” she said.
    “You know I can’t do that, am afraid they might deport me” I said.
    “Relax I can help you increase your stay here if I can get your paper work you used while coming here” she said.
    “Really? What kind of paper work?” I ask.
    “I mean your Visa and other papers”
    “I don’t have them, Ria kept them for me”
    “I guess you will have to steal them”
    “What? She will find out”
    “Come on, she won’t know I just need them for 24 hours so that they can review your Visa”
    “Hmmm, I will try to get them”
    “Don’t try just get them, its for your own good anyway” she said
    “Yeah, goodnight dear”
    “Alright sleep well love” she said and hung up.
    I slept thinking about how to steal my papers from Ria.
    I was finally home alone, Riana has gone to school and Mr Rowan has gone to work, Ria the housewife has gone to the bar to see how things is going, she insist I follow her but I told her that I need my rest to be able to work well later in the day, she left me alone and said she will be back in the afternoon to cook, when she left I wait for another fifteen minutes to be sure that she has gone before I got up from my bed and walk downstair, I lock the door from inside so that nobody can come in, I gently walk to their bedroom and try to open the door, the door won’t open and when I realize that she locked it like bank I started thinking what to do next, the door is too strong and I cannot break it, and there is no how I can steal the documents when she’s around because she’s very vigilant, what should I do?
    I called Rica.
    “Hello” she answered.
    “Good day, how are you?” I replied.
    “Am good, have you be able to get the document?” She ask.
    “Yeah about that, their bedroom door is well locked, there is no way I can get in” I said.
    “Of course they are not going to leave their door open just like that for a Nigerian, this proves that they don’t trust you at all” she said.
    “So what do I do?” I asked.
    “So you mean you don’t know how to open lock illegally?” She ask.
    “I honestly don’t know” I said.
    “Are you sure you are a Nigerian?”
    “Hey, not all Nigerians are rogue?” I  said.
    “Okay, and there is no way I can talk you through it, when is Ria coming back?”she ask.
    “She said in the afternoon” I replied.
    “Hmm I don’t think I can make it oh, let’s leave it for tomorrow I will come when she leave again and teach you how to open a lock” she said.
    “Okay then no problem, what are you doing?” I ask.
    “Nothing much, just uploading videos on my blog, you won’t believe our site is filled up with so many messages” she said.
    “What type of message” I ask.
    “About you, they want more of your video, others want to meet you” she said.
    “So what do you want me to do?” I ask.
    “How about we shoot another video today after work, it will be like a short film” she said.
    “So who will be having sex with?” I ask.
    “What! You mean you don’t want to have sex with me again?” She exclaimed.
    “No I don’t mean it that way, but new face will make it more interesting” I said.
    “I guess you are right, so who do you want then?” She ask.
    “Someone young, like eighteen years” I said.
    “You mean teen, there is one and I believe she will be interested” she said.
    “Who is she?”
    “A fan of ours, she always want to join us but I refuse because I don’t like her and she’s hot tempered, now she will have chance to prove herself” Rica said.
    “Okay then, let me go and eat and get ready for work” .
    “Alright I will be there to pick you up” she said.
    “Alright my driver”
    “You are not serious” she said.
    After the call I check the table there is nothing there, I wonder why they didn’t prepare anything, I check kitchen and I saw spaghetti ontop a tray, I on the cooker and cook the spag deliciously, it took thirty minutes and after cooking I brush my teeth and eat, I finished eating and went to the bathroom to take my bathroom, as I was bathing I heard knocking on the door, that’s when It down on me that I lock the outside door, I quickly tie towel and run to the front door to open.
    “Why did you lock it” Ria roared.
    “To be safe, am sorry” I said and run back to the bathroom, I enter the tub and relax there.
    I used soap to wash my face and when I clean my face I saw Ria standing beside the door touching herself, she was pressing her Boobs and her VJ,
    “Ria” I said.
    She ran out to her bedroom, I clean myself and as I came out of the bedroom I wanted to go to my room but something tells me to check on Ria, I open her door slowly and there she was ontop bed masturbating.
    I didn’t want to go in but the colour of her pant just keep calling me, that pink pant showing parts of her pussay keep turning my head, I resist it and wanted to walk away then I remember the document, I stop and turn back, I open the door and make sure she heard the noise of the door, she quickly adjust and sit up.
    “Ozila, what are you doing here with towel?” She ask.
    I didn’t say anything as I walk closer to her, I stand in front of her with my Dickson bugging from the towel, she saw it and turn her face the other way.
    “You have to go” she said.
    “Should I really go?” I ask and remove the towel.
    She breath heavily and said “no” I push her on the bed and remove her pant completely, I bend down and started sucking her pussay as she moan in pleasure.
    I suck her so hard as she moan loudly, I stop and shift her to the top of the bed, I draw close to her and kiss her then I insert my Dickson in her V area.
    “Awwwwwww” she moan loud.
    I don’t know why she’s moaning as if she have not been having sexx, I keep pounding her like a jackal and minutes later she turn me around and started jumping up like a jamboree, as she fvck me her boobson keep bouncing up and down, we sexx for like thirty minutes and after we are done she was very weak and she lie down to sleep, I pretend like I was sleeping too and minutes I heard her snoring I shift her from my body and with my Dickson dangling I walk to her cupboard and started searching for the document, my travel document, if I don’t get it now I don’t think there will be another chance, I went to her cupboard and open the first drawer, there are lots of document so I started going through all of them one by one, I didn’t find mine so I open the second drawer, as I open the drawer she turn around and breath heavily, I pause and watch her go back to sleep before I continue my raid, I search the whole cupboard but my file was nowhere to be found, I started wondering what happened to my files, it suppose to be part of the ones on the cupboard, as I watching her and thinking I saw three locks ontop her head on the bed, I went to her on the bed and sat beside her, I tried to open the lock but it was locked with a key, where can I find the key? It must be in her bag or so I thought.
    I wanted to get up and get her hand bag on the table but I was surprised something hold me back.
    “What are you doing? Come to bed” Ria said.
    “Nothing, I wanted to leave before any person come in” I said.
    “Relax nobody is coming let’s just sleep for thirty minutes together please” she said.
    “Okay, yes ma” I said and join her in bed, we sleep facing each other, she was looking at me and I was looking at her.
    “Am so sorry for how we have been treating you, it wasn’t my fault I have to act this way in other to quench any suspicion from my husband, am so sorry” she said.
    “But your daughter caught us already” I said.
    “Relax she won’t sat anything okay, and am sorry that we won’t be paying you again, I will make it up with you” she said.
    “Really? If really you are sorry then please do something for me” I said.
    “What’s that?” She ask.
    “Rent a small room apartment for me where I can stay alone” I said.
    “Come on, you are under my care, can’t let you out of my sight please, won’t forgive myself if something happen to you, request for another thing, this one I can’t offer” she said.
    “Hmmm okay”
    As we relax on the bed talking I heard a creek sound, like door opening.
    “Somebody is in” I said and jump up
    “Run to your room” she said.
    As I run to the door I heard footsteps coming towards our direction and then I heard.
    “Honey are you home?”
    My mind skip immediately.
    “Quickly inside the cupboard” Ria said putting her clothes on, I ran to the cupboard and she throw my towel inside the cupboard with me and lock, the door open and Mr Rowan walk in.
    “Honey what are you doing in bed and why is this place smelling horny?” He ask.
    “Honey am just been horny” Ria said.
    “Seriously, is anybody home?” Mr Rowan ask.
    “No am alone, come and join me” She said.
    “Hmmm how can I deny my sweetie, where is that nonsense boy self?” He ask.
    Ria change to India language to answer him, I just remain in the cupboard listening, I was feeling heat like someone in hell fire, there is nothing I can do I just remain there and watch live blue film as cockroaches welcome me with open arms.
    They finished sex and then walk out of the room together, now is my chance to escape I thought, I sneak out gently from the cupboard and tie my towel, I was about leaving the room when I saw the bag on the floor, I go back and check it and I saw bunch’s of keys, I use the smallest to test the cupboard and the cupboard open at once, I check inside and saw lots of documents but my own is the first, I took mine and lock the cupboard back, I open the door I didn’t see them so I walk to the bathroom again and then wear my boxer, I return to my room and when I look down the front window I saw both of them sitting and talking, I check the time and quickly start arranging my things for Rica, she will soon be here for work. I put the files on my small bag and then took my phone, I dress simple like someone going to have fun in a party.
    Minutes later a test came to my phone and it reads.
    “You were sleeping” from Ria.
    I understand the test, I know that this my Dickson will put me in trouble one day I just don’t know which day it is, I wish i can see the future so that I can avoid it, the thing is that I just can’t resist a nice pussay, I love pussay just like how buhari like the presidency, he never give up he keep pushing and he finally won.
    Stepping out from the house I saw the lovebirds holding hands. I greeted them nicely.
    “Are you going to work?” Mr rowan ask.
    “Yes” I replied.
    “But Rica is not here yet”
    “She will meet me on the way, she just called me that she’s coming” I said.
    “Okay, go come” he said.
    I pass them and walk to the street, I turn to the road leading to my work, I called Rica on the way and told her to meet me on the way.
    “I want to start schooling” I said.
    “Which school, you that don’t even have time for yourself, first of all you want a house now you want to school, next thing you will ask is to be the president of India” Rica replied.
    “Hahahahaha” I laughed so hard.
    “Which school?” She ask.
    “A school I can graduate from within one year” I said.
    “Oh you just wanna learn something not school” she said.
    “Oh well if you say so, I just want to learn something I can depend on when I return back” I said.
    “You can learn temporary nursing” she said.
    “Auxiliary nurse you mean, I can do that since I don’t have anything doing in the morning” I said.
    “Oh well let’s process your Visa here first before that, it won’t be a problem though since you filled in student from the beginning” she said.
    “I will appreciate, by the way that white lady I saw her in the bar she want me to come visit her” I said.
    “I don’t trust white ladies, why not just skip her?” I said.
    “I don’t trust her too but I think she has money, I just need the money not her” I said.
    “Oh well its your choice anyway but if it’s me I won’t go” I said.
    “I will go, we are in India not in america” I said.
    I was resting after the day work, its midnight already after filming one porn movie we are getting ready to go home, but am thinking of visiting the white lady instead of going home.
    “I love the way you collect the documents, I wish we had camera on the film would have really be a hit” Rica said as we both sat on a sofa sipping drink.
    “You are becoming more popular, you were featured on the front-page of times newspaper” she said.
    “Seriously?” I ask.
    “Yeah, oh well I think you deserve it, since you came here our customers has multiplied ten times” she said.
    “Oh well and am not receiving any salary, that’s why I have to visit the white woman” I said.
    “Oh well if you say, then let’s get going, where is her card again?”.
    “ right here” I said handing her the card.
    We came out from the bar, we step inside the car going to the white woman’s crib, a decision I later come to regret.
    She lives in a ghetto, I wonder how a white woman will be living in a ghetto in India, to me I think its strange oh.
    “Why will she be living in a place like this?” Rica ask.
    “Am thinking the same thing too oh” I said.
    “I don’t understand, is it that she don’t  have the money to live in an urban area?” Rica ask again.
    “oh well maybe she’s a spy” I said without thinking.
    She live in a complete flat painted yellow, everywhere is dirty and zigzag thanks to the street light, I came out from the car and look at the area, people are moving up and down as if its day time, and I think her house is the only beautiful house in this area, I don’t know the name of the street I just follow Rica because she knows everywhere, I took my phone and call her.
    “Hello” she said from the other end.
    “Hi, am ozila from the bar” I said.
    “Oh yeah, the stripper, I remember you, so how are you doing?” She ask.
    “Am fine, am actually at the front of your house now” I said.
    “Oh really? Let me see” she said and the front window roll down, she waved to me to come inside the house which I did, I told Rica to wait for twenty minutes before she leave, I left her and walk to the fine small house, I knock on the door.
    “A minute please” I heard from inside.
    After few second the door open and I saw the beautiful angel standing in front of me, she’s so beautiful but she’s way older than me.
    “good evening ma” I said with shyness all over me.
    “Come on in, don’t be shy” she said and took me in closing the door behind me.
    Everywhere is sparkling and shinning, the saint self can make one cuum, I look around and it looks like she’s alone at home.
    “so you African?” She ask.
    “Yes, am actually from Nigeria” I said.
    “Waoh, that’s nice, have been dreaming of visiting Nigeria, sit down now and feel at home” she said.

    To Be Continued.... 

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