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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 181 - 185

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    Story Is Written By Ozila
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    Episode 181
    I watch her open her fridge and she brought out orange juice, she took two cups from the table and then she came to me and drop them on the table.
    “So why haven’t you travelled to Nigeria yet?” I ask as she pour the drink.
    “Oh well, I heard Nigeria is really strong and since I don’t know anybody to show me around I just decided to remain here for now” she said.
    “Okay, so can I ask if you are married?” I said with a small voice because it seems she want to talk and not sexx.

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    “Of course I was married, but now am single though I have one child, a girl she’s with her grandma in US” she said.
    “Waoh that’s cool” I said and sip from the cup.
    “Yeah, so what brought you to India?” She ask.
    “Work oh, I came to school but things didn’t work out so I started working, I need a means to start making money” I said.
    “Oh well, everybody is looking for a way to make money, especially Africans moving from one country to another” she said.
    “Since there is no job, what do you expect us to do na? I ask.
    “Be an entrepreneur, you can stay in your country and make it, you don’t need to cross the border, okay now do you like the type of work you are doing now?” She ask a rhetorical question, who wouldn’t like this kinda job, I even prefer it than a banker, having sexx and making money things many people will pay to do..
    “I don’t have any other choice” I said scratching my head.
    “You see, you can stay in your country and make it”.
    She keep blabbing up and down and I started regretting coming here because it looks like she dont want to do anything, anyway she didn’t want to give me her card its because I forced her.
    I finished the drink without her knowing, why would she know when she keep preaching to me like a Jehovah witnesses, she said God don’t approve of the work am doing, I wonder how God approve her going to a bar oh, I was getting bored so I decided to do as if am feeling sleepy, she saw me sleeping and then stop, she walk out and then I relax on the sofa and sleep like a baby till the next morning.

    I woke up early around six, I got up from the sofa and walk to the room, I saw her still sleeping, I walk around the room and saw some of her pictures close to where she put her TV, I check it very well she was holding a camera like a journalist, of course i think she’s a journalist that’s why knows so much about Africa and that explain why she’s living in a ghetto, I put a phone call to Rica telling her to come pick me, I didn’t bother to take my bath I just left a note with her and open her outside door, I started walking on the street waiting for Rica, as I was walking a small corolla pass and then the car reverse back and stop in front of me, two ladies brought their head from the window.
    “Hey Africa man what are you doing here early this morning?” The one riding ask.
    “Nothing and who are you” I ask.
    “Come on we are Rianas friend, I gave you my card last time” she said.
    “Oh yeah I remember” I said walking close to them.
    “So come on in let’s take you home” she said.
    I don’t have anything to lose so I hop in, on the way I texted Rica to forget about coming, she said I should be careful.
    The ladies are really talkative, they can talk for Africa, she was asking so many questions like why I didn’t call her, of course am not going to tell her Riana took the card, we exchange contacts again before they drop me in front of my house, I came down and thank them, as I was about to open the front door Riana came out and stand in front of me with hands akimbo.
    “You hang out with my friends?” She ask.
    “I didn’t, why woul…..” Gbooaaaa.
    I didn’t finish speaking before she slap me, I was confuse like what the hell is going on.
    As I wanted to talk she raise her hand to slap me again I block it and draw her out so that her parents won’t hear, I push her to wall and said.
    “Never in your life you try such nonsense again, I don’t know why you hate me so much but I don’t give a damn because I don’t care about you too” I said and left her there.
    I enter inside the house and walk straight to my room, I didn’t see her parents, I came down to take my bath and then I cook indomie and eat, still no sign of her parents, I check their room but their door is lock, its just past six I wonder where they went to so early, I return to my room to sleep.
    Around eleven I woke up, I decided to check if they have return but still yet no sign of them, I was passing their room when I decided to check on Riana because she’s still at home, I knock she didn’t answer, so I just push the door a little, I saw Riana on her bed like someone dead, I was about to turn back when I saw blood on the ground, I quickly enter the room and saw blood rushing out  Rianas mouth, I didn’t know what to do, the hospital I think.

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    I was confused at first because I don’t know what to do, I don’t have an emergency number to call, I grab her and check her heartbeat, I can still feel heart beating so I raised her up and took her outside, I stop a cab and push her in, I told the driver to take us to the nearest hospital, the driver accelerate and speed off, he dropped us at a big white painted hospital at the side of the main road of marashkatra, the name of the hospital is marashkatra center hospital.
    The driver help me to carry her and as we get to the gate some nurses came to us and take over putting her in a stretcher, they didn’t even ask what happened they just give me paper to sign, all I said is that she took some drugs, as they took her inside for checkup, I settle the driver and then I wanted to call her parents but something told me to wait, let me wait for one hour if she revive then we can discuss but if she still remain unconscious then I will call her parents.
    I sat in the visitors room for some minutes, I was feeling inpatient so I started walking up and down the room like someone waiting for his wife to put to bed.
    After thirty minutes I saw one of the nurse that took her inside and then I went to meet her.
    “Hi nurse, please how is she?” I ask.
    “Oh you are ozila, the guy that came with a girl right?” She ask.
    “Yes, I am” I answered.
    “Good, I was actually  looking for you, please follow me” she said.
    “Okay, how is she?” I ask again.
    “Oh well she’s okay, how are you related to her?” She ask.
    “Am her brother” I said.
    “Okay good, it seems she took some abortion drugs, we found traces of abortion pills in her system, we manage to remove the drugs but she has lost the pregnancy already, but she’s okay” she said.
    “Oh boy” I said.

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    “Excuse me?” She  replied not knowing what I meant.
    “I mean, can I see her” I said as we continue walking to where I don’t know.
    “Of course, that’s where am taking you to” she said.
    Waoh, so riana committed an abortion? Am so surprised, I thought she’s the revered sister oh.
    The nurse took me to her and immediately she saw me enter the room she turn her face the other way, to the wall.
    The nurse left us and I went to sit beside her with a stool.
    “The nurse told me what happened” I said but she didn’t say anything as she keep starring at the wall.
    “Oh well, now that you are okay I can now call your parents and tell them what happened” I said.
    “Don’t dare” she said.
    “And what are you going to do if I call them?” I ask.
    She didn’t say anything again, then later she started crying, I don’t know what’s wrong with her and I don’t want to carry her problem on my head too because I have alot on me now.
    “I have talk with the nurse, she agreed to let me go if you sign the papers, I promise to tell you everything that happened and I promise to be good to you if you will help me keep it a secret from my parents” she said.
    “I will keep it a secret if you will agree to do everything I ask for from now on” I said.
    “I promise to do anything” she said with a faint voice.
    “Okay good, I will sign the papers” I said and got up.
    I look for the nurse and discuss with her, she gave me the papers and after signing them I took Riana away, I took her home and let her rest on her bed, I cooked something for her and she ate and sleep.

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    I missed a call from Rica earlier on, I know she will be worried that she has not heard from me, I don’t think I can still go to work today oh, its late already and am tired, won’t be bad if I miss today.
    “Hello” Rica answered the phone.
    “Hi, am sorry I missed your call, something happened in the house and I had to take care of it” I said..
    “Okay, have been really worried, will you still be coming to work?” She ask.
    “I don’t think so, Riana is not well and her parents are not around I have to be here to take care of her” I said.
    “Alright then, we will see tomorrow and be careful with that girl” she advice.
    “I will be, thanks dear” I said and cut the call.
    Riana sleep till nine in the night, when she woke up she request for tea, I made tea for her and sat opposite her bed.
    “i know you have so many questions, I promise to answer all of them but not today please” she said.
    “Alright, am not in a haste too, but I have only one to ask now” I said.
    “What is it?”
    “Where are your parents?” I ask.
    “They traveled to Nigeria, there is a contract that need both their signature, they will be coming back two days from now” she said.
    “Waoh, so they just left without telling me?” I ask.
    “They drop a note for you, I tore it, am so sorry” she said.
    “Hmmm okay, I really don’t know why you hate me that much” I said and walk away from her.

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