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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 186 - 189

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    Story Is Written By Ozila

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    I left her in the room and went to the kitchen to cook, since Mr and mrs are not around I think I should prepare something good for myself, I took some money from my wallet and went out to buy some things, the road of maraskatra is still very much busy.
    “Hi, what type of fish do you have?” I ask the little lady I saw on the shop.
    “Ice fish, ice meat, dry fish” she said with her India accent.
    “What type of meat?” I ask her.
    “Chicken and turkey” she said opening her yellow teeth, she has one open teeth making her beautiful, I love girls with open teeth.

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    “Alright, I prefare chicken” I said.
    “Alright” she went inside to open the fridge, she came back with some ice chicken, she put them on weigh balance.
    “Where are you from?” She ask me.
    “Am from Africa, how do you know am not from here?” I ask her.
    “Your accent, my name is Mia, what’s yours?” She ask.
    “My dear it is better you don’t know my name, how much for that one” I ask.
    “this one is 14 rupee and this one is 18 rupee” she said pointing at the meat.
    “I  will take the 14 rupee” I said.
    “Okay, why don’t you want to tell me your name, you always pass my store every day with that small car” she said.
    “This is your store?” I ask.
    “Yes, I open it three years ago” she said.
    “Waoh, how can a small girl like you open this big store?” I was surprised because she’s just a little girl and the store is damn big, I don’t want to be connected with her because am tired of all the wahala and troubles of women, it is better I stay my own, and even if I want someone not a kid like this one.
    “am 24, don’t judge me with my small body” she said.

    “Like seriously?” I ask.
    “Yeah, so what’s your name Mr” she ask again.
    “My name is ozila” I said without thinking.
    “Nice name Mr ozila, don’t hesitate to come buy something here next time” she said.
    “Alright Mia thank you” I said and collect the meat, I gave her her money and bade her goodbye.
    I was surprise at her age, how can she be 24 with that small body.
    I got home and enter kitchen at once, I took a sit and balance myself, I started cooking rice and stew with enough meat. The aroma alone self can make someone hungry, am the landlord of the house now I can eat anything I want to eat.
    “So tell me everything that happened?” I ask riana as I balance on the chair in her room eating my sweet rice, I asked if she will eat but she refuse saying she can’t eat anything pepperish.
    “Alright ozila, what’s the time by the way?”
    “Just past 12” I answered.
    “Your friend Rica didn’t come again? I thought she said she will come over after work?”
    “She called that she can’t make it, she will pass that side to her uncles house so since she won’t pass this side she can’t come” I said.
    “Hmm okay then, so where do I even start?”
    “Start from the beginning?” I replied her.
    “Alright” she cleared her throat and sit up, then continue.

    “The guy name is John, he work for my father and he is my father’s age, that’s why he never came to visit us because my dad and mum will kill me, he is too old for me but I love him so much, we dated for two years till I finally got pregnant, he once promise me that when things get better that he will take me away from India and we will travel to another country to start another life, a good one, the moment I got pregnant he ran away, leaving me to my fate, I had no choice than to abort the pregnancy because I cannot have a bastard child, and even my parents will kill me” she said.
    “Waoh, is he Indian?” I ask.
    “No, he is American” she replied.
    “Hmm, so how come you hate me so much?” I ask the big question.
    “How can I not hate the person sleeping with my mum?” She blasted.
    “Oh yeah you are right, I deserve it” I said.
    “I wonder how my dad hasn’t find out yet, you guys need to stop doing it” she said.
    “We stop since that last encounter” I said.
    “Are you sure, because once my mum likes something she will keep demanding for it, for the fact that she brought you here to India explains a lot” she said.
    “Oh come on, I fit the description of the guy that will bring business, that’s what your dad said too” I said.
    “Oh come on, there are many black guys in africa community with big dickson even bigger that yours, she didn’t bring you here for just business, the main purpose is to pleasure her anytime she wants” she said.

    “And how come you know so much” I ask.
    “She’s my mum, I know her more than you, anyway since you said you guys have stop I will take it like that, since you now know my secret I guess I cannot do anything” she said.
    “I don’t know what to say” I said.
    “Just pass the plate for me let me eat meat” she said.
    “I have finished the meat” I said.
    “Then go and bring from pot” she commanded.
    “No more meat in pot” I said.
    “Are you kidding me, how can you finish that big meat?” She ask.
    “I don’t want your parents to see them tomorrow so I had to take everything, and since you said earlier that you won’t eat I just enjoyed it” I said.
    “Waoh, you are a big eater” she said and lay down back in the bed.
    The next day she started to regain herself, she followed me to work in the evening and follow me back, our friendship started growing little by little, she took me out anytime she’s back from school before I go to work, when her parents return we reduce our friendship, anytime she close from school she will call me and I will follow her to her friend place, we will have fun together, I started getting attach and Rica started getting angry because I no longer go to my private work again, I do go but not all the time, she told me severally to reduce my friendship with Riana but I told her we are just friends and nothing more, she started getting jealous and I don’t know why.
    One night I was sleeping after coming back from work in the midnight, I was chatting with Riana when she told me she is wet and that she want me to come to her room, I said no and laugh her off, I thought she was joking but after three minutes later I heard a knock on my door, I have started locking my door because of Ria, she always come in unannounce.
    I open the door only to see Riana with white night gown.
    “This is dangerous” I said.
    “I know” she replied and then push me inside, we engage in hot kissing and back the door with lock, I put her on my bed and continue our hot romance, just then I heard another bang on my door, seems like daughter and mother are on heat the same time.

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    To Be Continued...

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