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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 193

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    Story Is Written By Ozila

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    Episode 193
    “what do you mean talk about your daughter Is anything the matter?” I ask.
    “Yes, I can see both of you now talk behind the curtain” she said.
    “Of course, you think we don’t talk before, we always talk but not much” I said.
    “I know but since she caught us she refuse to talk to both of us since then, I wonder what have change now oh” she said.

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    So now you are assuming we are having something behind your back abi?” I questioned.
    “Oh well am not ruling it out, I know you anyway” she said.
    “Na you sabi, what are you preparing Abeg am hungry” I said.
    “Of course I know you will be after the exercise, take indomie and prepare am cooking India  food for my husband” she said.
    “Alright dear”
    I left her in the kitchen and walk to my room.
    Later in the day Rica came to take me to work.
    “What’s up? Why are you against my friendship with Riana?” I ask Rica on the car.
    “Come on, you know I don’t like that girl, she’s up to something” she said.
    “oh come on am only using her for my gain, her parents always threaten me with deportation its better I have something to bargain for when something like that come up” I said.

    “So what bargain are you talking about?” She ask.
    “Oh more like an insurance” I said.

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    “You are falling in love with her you are talking about insurance, you don’t even go to night walk again” she fired…
    “Come on am not a night walker” I said.
    “I know but you are a night fucker, the assurance you need is your money not Riana, make money and keep sending to your mom in Nigeria, when things don’t work out you can always return home and enjoy your money, pay this little sacrifice and stop this nonsense with your boss daughter” she said.
    I didn’t say anything again, she’s actually right but I think its a little bit too late for that, because am already in love with Riana, but am I really in love? No I don’t think so, Playboy no they fall in love, am just messing around.

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