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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 194

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    Story Is Written By Ozila

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    Episode 194

    As I dance on the stage I reminisce on what Rica told me, she was right I should focus more on making more money, and this one Riana mother has started suspecting it is better I reduce my contacts with her.

    The music was booming as I strip like the show girls, only difference is that am having a Dickson while they have pussay, the club has boom seriously since I start my show, I was looking at the people cheering and I started thinking how I found myself here, oh well am making money but the work is strictly wicked, not that they are eveven paying me again.

    Before ten I went from room to room dancing and dangling my Dickson for women that their husband cannot satisfy them, of course they put their cards on my pant and surely am going to call them, there is one lady am eyeing, she’s beautify and she’s like 30-33 years old, she’s young and very beautiful, she gave me her card too, after the dance I went to Rica and we act like three porn in a role, I told her she will pay me for this and she agreed, after the days work around twelve in the midnight I was sitting on the sofa in Ricas office, I was watching her doing check and balance, minutes later her assistance walk in.

    “Ozila, Riana is waiting for you outside” she said.

    “What is she doing here by this time of the night?” Rica pop the question from my mouth.

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