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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 195

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    Episode 195
    “I honestly don’t know and I plan to go to work this night” I said.

    “I didn’t tell her you are still around oh, I just told her let me check and see if you are still around, I can tell her you have left already” the assistant said.

    “Nice idea, tell her I have gone to night walk, did she come alone?” I ask.

    “No she came two girls in a KIA” she said.

    “Oh I know them, just tell I have gone to night work” I said.

    She left us and then Rica continued doing her balance.

    “Are you sure you don’t want to go with her?” She ask.

    “I need to start making money again, you are right, the money is my assurance and not her” I said.

    “Am glad you are beginning to see it the way seeing it” she said.

    “And what about that my Visa, what’s the update?” I ask.

    “They are still processing it, you know things like this takes time” she said.

    “Like when will it be ready” I ask.

    “Next week I guess” she said.

    “Hmm that’s far, I need to start living alone, and with my savings I can start living alone I just need to extend my visa first” I said.

    “Don’t worry, it will soon be ready, now let’s talk about work, who are we visiting this night?” She ask.

    “There was a beautiful lady I was eyeing today, but I called her and she said she won’t be available this night except during the weekend, that’s tomorrow, I called the other lady thats married to an actor, she said I should come to the same hotel” I said.

    “Waoh, I like that lady, she knows how to treat you well” Rica said.

    “Yeah, so far I know how to drill the hole she will continue to keep treating me well” I said.

    “Am done here, let’s start going” she said standing up.

    We left the assistant to lock the place up, we left around one and as the car drive to where I will do my work we notice a KIA car following us from behind, why is Diana following us? I ask myself.

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