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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 196

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    We got to the place where I will work, she stop and I came down, I look back and saw the KIA car stop too, I was scared and hoping Riana won’t come and spoil my show, I need money now and not her so she should be on her lane abeg.

    I went inside the gate and knock the house.

    Its late in the night so I guess she might be sleeping, I called her line twice before she pick up.

    “Hello” I heard from the other end.

    “hello ma, its me ozila” I said.

    “Oh yeah, where are you?” She ask.

    “At your door ma” I said.

    “Okay hold on”.

    I cut the call and wait for her, I look at the road and saw Rica still waiting to see if she will come out or not, few minutes the door open and she pave way for me to enter, I greeted her and enter and then she lock the door.

    “How are you doing?” She ask.

    “Am fine and you” I replied.

    “As you can see am good, just missed your touch, enter the shower and take your bath first before joining me in the bedroom” she commanded.

    “Okay ma”

    She went to her master bedroom, as I was about to enter the bathroom I heard noises outside, I return to the big sitting room and look through the window, I saw Rica and Riana having words, it seems like Rica is trying to prevent Riana from entering the building, what the hell is wrong with her for christ sake don’t she know this is my business and my life, I just hope Rica talk sense into her, If she want us to continue our relationship she better don’t meddle in my business, I walk to the bathroom and took my shower in the sweet bathtub, the water was warm and refreshing, I finish my bath and used tie towel around my body, I went to meet her in the bedroom and saw her watching India movie on her laptop, I climb the bed and join her, the laptop was on her lap, as I enter the bed she off the laptop and lay flat, she gave me ice and I started rubbing and massaging her back as she lie facing the bed, she was enjoying and so am I too because my Dickson was getting attention, after the massage we had a soft sex with condom of course and then we slept off till the next morning.

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