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Must Read: Sex and the city Episode 199

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    Story Is Written By Ozila

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    I went to my room to sleep, I locked my door and hide my money in my bag, Ria knock on my door telling me that she’s going out and that I should take care of the house.

    I was sleeping and was hearing a knock on my door, I woke up and heard the loud bang on my door, I check the time and its just past eleven, I wonder who is on my door.

    “Who is there?” I ask.

    “Open up its me” Riana answered.

    I open the door and she come in and sit down on the bed.

    “How are you na” I ask.

    “You seriously asking me that after what you did yesterday?” She fired.

    I went to her on the bed and kneel down in front of her putting my legs on her lap.

    “You should understand this is what I do for a living, this is how I make my money and am sorry I wasn’t able to pick your call I was busy” I said.

    “You are busy having sex?” She said.

    “See, that doesn’t matter, all that matter is that you are the woman in my heart and I love you from the very bottom of my heart” I said without thinking.

    “Do you mean that?” She ask.

    “Am damn serious, you are always on my mind even when am working am thinking about you too, see please I have to do it to make money as you know your parents no longer pay me, where will I get my money if I don’t work?” I ask her.

    “You can always do other petty work” she said.

    “Am not India that I can just get any work like that, please understand me” I said rubbing her lap.

    I started rubbing her lap with both my hands and she put her hands on my head and kiss me deeply, I insert my hand inside and remove her pant through her blouse, I open her leg and put my tongue inside her pussay and started licking her, she was turning her waist enjoying the sucking, she took my heard and make me to stand up, she pull down my trouser to see my already hard rock, she put it in her mouth and started svcking it, she svck it so well in that I started seeing myself in cloud nine, she shift inside the bed and lay down while I sleep ontop her and guide my Dickson inside her wet pussay, we started bagging slowly as she moan in silent, I raise both her legs up and continue bagging her, she close her eyes, licking her tongue and moaning so quietly, I think she’s in cloud 9, as I started bagging her hard somebody push the door and her dad walk in.

    “I don’t believe, am calling the police” Mr rowan said locking both of us inside so that we won’t escape.

    “Holy shit am in deep shit”.

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